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Why Melo giving Knicks two teams he would waive no trade clause?

The New York Knicks dysfunctional situation is getting worst. Carmelo Anthony will waive his no trade clause to play for either the Houston Rockets or the Cleveland Cavaliers now that Phil Jackson is gone as team President. Why did he wait for Jackson was fired to make the announcement? The Knicks don’t have a President; […]

Ujiri – Raptors yes – Dolan no – Knicks no

The rumours that Masai Ujiri is the New York Knicks number one choice to replace Phil Jackson. The Knicks can offer Ujiri a ridiculous amount of money to leave the Toronto Raptors organization. Ujiri will consider much more than money before deciding if he wants to leave the Raptors for the Knicks. Why would Ujiri […]

Knicks Jackson’s triangle offense

The New York Knicks President of Basketball operations Phil Jackson wants to incorporate the triangle offense. Jackson has 13 NBA Championships (2 as a player and 11 as a Head coach) and as a coach he used the triangle offense. This sounds like a great idea because of his past success that it would automatically […]

Knicks Melo makes All-star team…

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver chose Carmelo Anthony as a replacement for the All-star game. Bradley Beal questioned publicly why Melo instead of the Washington Wizards shooting guard playing on a team that won 10 more games than the New York Knicks. The answer is simple after you read the post about most the NBA’s most […]

Jackson calls LeBron friends Posse

Phil Jackson calling LeBron James group of friends a Posse. LeBron is correct that he should be offended by Jackson using the derogatory term. Posse is a term that hints the members of James entourage are a group of punks or thugs. There was no need for Jackson to mention James and his group of […]

Knicks Porzingis will be affected in a negative way

The New York Knicks Kristaps Porzingis will be affected in a negative by the trade of center Robin Lopez and the arrival of Derrick Rose. The runner up to the Rookie of the Year last year took an average of 12.3 shots a game last season; he played the majority of his minutes as a […]

Warriors team victory in Game 7 against the Thunder

The Golden State Warriors team victory in Game 7 against the Oklahoma City Thunder was impressive. Head coach Steve Kerr did something Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson are known for, but don’t get enough credit for with the use of their rosters. Coach Kerr saw 11 that is right 11 different Warriors score points last […]

Knicks Jackson wants to make the playoffs

The New York Knicks fired Derek Fisher because Phil Jackson would like to be in the playoff hunt. The Knicks 23 wins puts them four games out of the last playoff spot. They won only one out of the last ten games played. The Knicks lost many close games recently against the Eastern teams that […]

Warriors have a great chance at 70 wins

The Golden State Warriors great start to the season could give them an opportunity to break the Chicago Bulls 1995 – 96 Best Single Season Team Record 72 – 10. The Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Bulls teammates also have the second and third Best Single Season Team Record with 69 – 13 […]

Were the Knicks punished for tanking?

The New York Knicks had a great 2014 summer with the infusion of many NBA Championship rings with the signing of Phil Jackson as President of basketball operations (11 as a head coach and 2 as a player) and rookie head coach Derek Fisher (5 as a player). Jackson was able to convince Carmelo Anthony […]

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