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LeBron will stay in the East

LeBron James has opted out of his final three years with the Miami Heat, which means the NBA fans will get to watch the biggest NBA soap opera this off season. James doesn’t need to accept Miami’s maximum contract because he is a smart businessman. LeBron wants more championships to add his legacy. The best […]

The Heat are in desperation mode

Chris Bosh told the media that he expects the Big 3 will all return next year. The only person that the Heat fans want a confirmation from is LeBron James. Until LeBron announces his return it is irrelevant what Bosh or Dwayne Wade say to the media. The Big 3 became the Big 1 during […]

LeBron’s character attacked on social media

The social media is being used once again used to attack an athletes’ character with the LeBroning pictures (two people carrying and person who is crying), most of the pictures I have seen the people in them are not built like athletes and other athletes also making dumb statements. Every team in the NBA schedule […]

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