Melo to the Thunder

Carmelo Anthony is now an Oklahoma City Thunder.  Can Russell Westbrook pass the ball enough to make sure his new All-Star teammates can maintain their career averages? All three are former Team USA players and may have developed a chemistry before Paul George shattered his leg.

The Thunder have gone all out to improve their roster to challenge the Golden State Warriors Big four (Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green). Head coach Billy Donovan has one year to make it work because George is a free agent next summer and Anthony’s contract can be bought out after the season.

The acquisition of Anthony gives the Thunder three legitimate 20 point per game scorers who can take over a game on any given night. The career field goal attempts and points per game is just under 20 for FGA and above 20 for PPG with only one ball to share is tough for Westbrook.

Does Westbrook want to set the assists record? He has Anthony and George who are great scorers if he has a desire to do so. Westbrook will need to sacrifice some statistics in order to win more than 50 games with the OKC Big 3. Last year’s MVP will show that he can share the ball with Super Star teammates.

Now Steven Adams, Paul Roberson and Patrick Patterson can play defense and not worrying about scoring. Alex Abrines development is a key element in the Thunder’s success next year.

The Thunder are a playoff team. The organization is taking a shot at the title after watching former Thunder Kevin Durant win the Championship with the Golden State Warriors. The small market team understands it has to do something drastic to create playoff excitement. Houston Rockets have a better roster than the Thunder.

Who got best Big 3 in the off season: Rockets, Timberwolves or Thunder?

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Trump did what Kaepernick could not…

The President of the United States Donald Trump was able to accomplish a feat that Colin Kaepernick couldn’t with his Twitter S.O.B. comments referring to NFL anthem protesters who were mostly African-American. Last weekend every NFL game had a form of protest during the national anthem that included the owners.

Everybody representing the NFL were offended by the President’s comments. Players and owners who voted, endorsed and congratulated Trump on his victory now are speaking out against the latest social media gaffe. The players could no longer stay on the sideline or toe the company line by not taking sides. Trump has made it GREAT AGAIN for African-American athletes to be political again. In the 60’s African-American athletes who were political activist helped shape and push forward the equal justice hopes.

Kaepernick the man who started the protest last year couldn’t get more African-American players to join him. His fellow NFL players left Kaepernick to take the brunt of the fans and media back lash. Many African-American football players even spoke against the kneel protest as being against the American flag. Trump Twitter response was an affirmation that Kaepernick was correct.

The NFL Commissioner and owners said all the right things except one thing is missing? Why hasn’t anybody signed Kaepernick? The man who started the movement last year is unemployed, sitting on the sideline, while the movement is getting stronger. The NFL must follow-up by signing the talented quarterback who can help teams on and off the field because being an activist is cool now.

It is not far, but African-American have the extra burden of representing their race, communities and be role models for kids who must battle racial discrimination, financial disadvantages, inferior school system and many grow up in really tough neighborhoods. The African-American athletes must overcome all these circumstances by being leaders and a proud Black man to give the future hope they can also achieve greatness.

Will Kaepernick be on a roster before the season ends?

Fight the power!

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NFL Week 3 free pint spread picks 2017

The positive is I have many weeks to make up for slow start. Another 1 – 4 week puts me at 2 – 8 for the season, ouch. Time to make some winning picks.

Denver Broncos versus the Buffalo Bills + 3

The Broncos are rolling now and their defense will over match a weak Bills offense. The Broncos are a veteran and won’t be affected by the fact they are on the road. They must keep up with the Raiders.

Take the Broncos – 3

Oakland Raiders against the Washington Football Club + 3.5

The Raiders offense will score 30 points and their defense will only give 17. It looks like a blowout. Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch are healthy. The – 3.5 is a lot to give up on a road dog, but the Raiders are just too good.

Take Raiders – 3.5

Atlanta Falcons versus the Detroit Lions + 3

The Lions + 3 at home against the Falcons is a great pick because worst case scenario it is a push. The Lions offense will score more than 20 points and the defense is up coming. The Falcons aren’t a dominating team.

Take Lions + 3

Dallas Cowboys against the Arizona Cardinals + 3.5

The Cowboys need to end the bad taste in their mouth after a poor performance against the Broncos last week. The Cardinals offense is struggling to score points. The Cowboys offense is better than it showed.

Take the Cowboys – 3

Cincinnati Bengals versus the Green Bay Packers – 9

The Packers are a good but not a dominating team. Packers have a very good offense and poor defense. The Bengals offense have a lot of talent and should score more than 20 points and cover the 9 points.

Bengals + 9

Good luck this weekend!

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Blue Jays Stroman reminded money not enough

The Toronto Blue Jays Marcus Stroman an African – American baseball player after a home win in Toronto was denied entry at an upscale restaurant. He was reminded his fame and money doesn’t protect him against being discriminated against in Canada. Stroman’s incident wasn’t as dangerous as Cassius Clay trying to eat at a White only establishment in the South after winning an Olympic Gold Medal.

Anybody who is a Black person can relate to this story because each one of us had a reminder that we don’t have the same rights as everybody else. Ask one of your friends, co-worker or teammate who is Black can he relate to the Stroman incident? Observe how the story told and emotion emanating from the person who is telling the story.

Stroman incident involved a bouncer who was a jerk. There is a different set of rules for Black people who go clubs. We have a dress code, while our White patrons can wear whatever they want and get in. Some clubs make Black people wait in line with hopes that they give up and walk away. This has happened to me in Toronto more than a few times. White and Black bouncers would impose the unwritten rule.

I hope Stroman has dropped that restaurant from his go to list. They have apologized on social media because they have no choice. The establishment name was negatively talked about for 24 hours and they lost a millionaire athlete who was a big spender.

Are you surprised Stroman discriminated against in Toronto?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 2 free point spread picks 2017

The first week of the season didn’t go as planned for me with a 1 – 4 start. This is a new week and time to make new picks. The five games picked this will see mostly home teams winning in season debut against weak opponents.

Buffalo Bills versus the Carolina Panthers (-7)

The Panthers have too much talent on both sides of the ball for the Bills to keep this close. The Bills offense is simple with only LaSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor as playmakers. They will struggle against a healthy Panthers defense.

Take the Panthers – 7

Minnesota Vikings against the Pittsburgh Steelers (-6)

The Vikings everybody back on their defensive side of the ball and 5 of them were Pro Bowlers. Sam Bradford played like a veteran last Monday. The Steelers barely beat the up and coming Cleveland Browns last week. Give me 6 points with one of the top 3 defenses in the NFL.

Take the Vikings + 6

New York Jets versus the Oakland Raiders (- 14)

I’m not a fan of the two touchdown point spread, but the Jets have no offense. The Raiders will put on a show at home. I believe the final score can end up being 31 – 10.

Take the Raiders – 14

Cleveland Browns versus the Baltimore Ravens (- 7)

The Browns great pre-season seems to have carried over into the regular season. The Ravens defense is ferocious. It will be a defensive battle, which means a low scoring game. I will take the touchdown.

Take the Browns + 7

Miami Dolphins against the Los Angeles Chargers (- 5)

The Chargers lost a tough battle against the Denver Broncos on Monday night. The Chargers are a solid team with a veteran quarterback; the Dolphins are a perfect opponent for them this week. This is the first game at home for Chargers in Los Angeles. Dolphins had a Bye last week.

Take the Chargers – 5

Good luck this weekend!

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NFL Week 1 Kaepernick unemployed two starters lose their jobs

The Houston Texans will replace Week 1 starting quarterback Tom Savage with rookie Deshaun Watson and Indianapolis Colts will replace Scott Tolzien with Jacoby Brissett for their Week 2 games. Neither of the four quarterbacks mentioned is a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick at this stage of their careers.

Watson played in consecutive NCAA National Championship games and was the 12th pick overall in the NFL Draft last summer. He will have a better career statistically than Kaepernick by his fifth season, but now the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback would give the Texans a better chance at being a Super Bowl contender this season.

The other three names mentioned are either second or third string quarterbacks. They don’t have the talent to lead a team to a Super Bowl. None will be Pro Bowl quarterbacks. Tolzien is playing his fifth season and only started four and played in ten total games. Brissett started two games for the New England Patriots during Tom Brady four game suspension for deflating the ball and Jimmy Garoppolo injured. It will be a very long season the Colts fans without Andrew Luck as their starter.

Texans Savage only has six career starts when you include last Sunday’s. He isn’t mobile and offensive line was atrocious. Watson came in relief of a struggling Savage. The former Clemson Tigers star will get an opportunity to play on Thursday night and show off his skills. The Texans a one above average quarterback to being a dangerous team with Super Bowl aspirations.

The Arizona Cardinals are a team with a great defense. The David Johnson injury will put more pressure on Carson Palmer to play better. Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert Kaepernick’s former back-up are definitely not the answer if Palmer continues to struggles.

Kaepernick  will have to wait for a oportunity to sign a contract before the season ends and he must wait until Week 4 before he gets an offer. Kaepernick must continue to wait, train and be ready.

Will Kaepernick have a contract before the season is over?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 1 free point spreads 2017

The 2017 – 18 NFL season finally arrived. One game is off the board due to a hurricane (Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Miami Dolphins) and Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot might play against the New York Giants. I will avoid those two. My five free point spread picks for this week:

Jacksonville Jaguars versus Houston Texans (-6)

The Houston Texans great defense, weak Jaguars offense and the tragedy will be too much for the Jaguars to handle. A healthy Texans defense will make Tom Savage’s job easier.

Take Texans – 6

Baltimore Ravens against the Cincinnati Bengals – 3

The Bengals despite the three games suspension of Vontaze Burfict; they will recover from a poor season last year. The Ravens are without Joe Flacco the starting quarterback. The Bengals offense is a very good one and they are at home.

Take the Bengals – 3

Philadelphia Eagles versus Washington Football Club +1

This game is a pick’em with quarterbacks Carson Wentz versus Kirk Cousins. The Eagles defense is better and Washington loss wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garscon. Terrelle Pryor is not are their level.

Take the Eagles – 1

Seattle Seahawks against Green Bay Packers – 3.5

The Seahawks defense got major reinforcement with the arrival of Sheldon Richardson. The Packers struggle against physical teams. Russell Wilson will have a few long drives and score enough points to cover the spread.

Take the Seahawks +3.5

New York Jets versus the Buffalo Bills – 10

Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor is healthy, LeSean McCoy destroys weak defenses and the Bills defense is better than last year. The Jets have no talent on the offensive side of the ball. I can’t believe I’m doing this; I will take the Bills to win in a blowout.

Take the Bills – 10

Good luck this weekend!

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NFL 2017 African-American starting quarterbacks

The NFL 2017 – 18 season will begin six starting African – American quarterbacks: Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys), Tyrod Taylor (Buffalo Bills), Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) and DeShone Kizer (Cleveland Browns). Teddy Bridgewater (Minnesota Vikings) is the starting quarterback if he is healthy.

Four African-American starting quarterbacks could make the playoffs this season. The Panthers and Cowboys will definitely be in the playoffs. The Panthers added a few offensive playmakers who will help Newton regain MVP form. The Cowboys success will depend on how well they play during Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension The Seahawks window of opportunity to win another Super Bowl is closing and will make the playoffs this season.

The fifth starter Taylor and running back LaSean McCoy are the second quickest backfield in the NFL. The Panthers Newton and rookie Christian McCaffrey are the quickest. Taylor needs to prove he can win ten games as a starter and make key completions to win close games. The trade of Sammy Watkins will make it difficult for Taylor.

The Bucs Winston got an All-World tight end O.J. Howard, Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson at wide receiver. Winston may have a breakout season this year. I like his chances better than Taylor to win ten games and make the playoffs.

The Browns rookie Kizer won the starting quarterback position on last year’s worst team. He was to learn from the sidelines this season; he is the present. Kizer will learn on the job and surpass the one win total of last year.

The Vikings Bridgewater is not healthy to start the season. The Vikings will make the playoffs if he can play ten games this season. The Vikings have a top three defense, they get turnovers and have proven they can also score touchdowns. Bridgewater doesn’t have the pressure to win games by himself.

There is an African-American quarterbacks who may not start season as a starter, but will likely end the seasons as the number one man. The Houston Texans rookie DeShaun Watson who is Tom Savage back-up.

The African-American quarterbacks with the best chance to play in the Super Bowl are: Newton as long as Luke Kuechley recovered from his concussion issues and MacCaffney has a very good rookie season. Prescott may have opportunity to play in Super Bowl this season if the Cowboys can handle injuries and suspensions to key players. Watson leading the Texans in his rookie season to the Super Bowl is wishful thinking, but the Texans amazing defense make them a solid possibility.

Can an African-American quarterback win a Super Bowl?


Have a fantastic day!

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Jordan and Jeter part owners of the Miami Marlins

Michael Jordan the best NBA player of his era and all-time to many fans owns a majority stake in the NBA Charlotte Hornets and is part of a group led by Derek Jeter that owns the Miami Marlins. Jordan ownership of two professional sports teams shows how an athlete can translate his earning as a player, endorsement and the “Air Jordan” brand to ownership.

The media love to share stories how multi-millionaire athletes that go broke within a few years of their retirement and many before they stop earning a salary as professional athletes. The broke athletes talked about the most often are African-American: Allen Iverson and Antoine Walker to name a few.

Jordan success as a business person is rarely mentioned because the one percent doesn’t want to see African-American athletes join their ranks. He is a Billionaire not a Millionaire. Jordan’s net worth is $1.2 Billion Dollars a stated on He has surpassed Magic Johnson ($600 Million Dollars).

Jordan works for himself, while many former African-American athletes must continue working as TV sports analyst, coaches (assistant or head coaches) or work for their former team in various roles after they retire. The amount of money many African-American athletes have earned since 2000; they shouldn’t be working for anybody nor their next generation.

The one negative aspect of the Air Jordan success is he never tried to get involved in social issues that negatively affect African-Americans. His avoidance made him the biggest crossover star that was able to get his own brand within NIKE. Jeter’s group wouldn’t have been able to buy the Marlins without Jordan’s involvement. He helped a fellow African-American athlete become an owner.

Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets (Bobcats) haven’t had the success he wanted on the court. He is the only African-American majority NBA owner makes up for his lack of success on the court.

Congratulations to Jeter for being smart enough to have the goal to own a team, use his friendship with Jordan to raise the funds necessary to buy the Marlins and not settle for a front office job with the New York Yankees. Jeter must have receive offers to work for the Yankees.

Jordan and Jeter are only the beginning. Kobe Bryant is heading down the financial success away from the NBA and LeBron James when he retires are the next major players in whatever venue they decide to dominate. James has said he wants to become a Billionaire and he is well on his way with a net worth of $400 Million dollars.

Who will be next African-American athlete Billionaire?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFLPA appeals Elliott suspension what about Kaepernick?

The NFLPA (National Football League Players’ Association) will appeal Ezekiel Elliott’s six game suspension. The NFLPA not only negotiates the contract between the players and owners. The players’ union also fights the grievance between players and commissioner in terms of suspensions. Elliott has never apologized for his behaviour (hitting his girlfriend) and made other questionable decision that led to more negative press. The union’s doesn’t want the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell make the decisions for suspensions without an independent arbitrator.

Colin Kaepernick not being signed by an NFL team despite being a model citizen and talented. The owners are holding Kaepernick protest of the National Anthem against him. The players’ union must protest the fact that Kaepernick not being signed to a an NFL contract isn’t due to his lack of ability, but the owners listening to majority of White NFL fans who are upset about the National Anthem protest.

The NFL is a league where your transgression are forgiven if a player can help a team win; a player will get a contract despite the transgressions, negative press and off the field issues. Kaepernick isn’t getting this leeway despite never doing anything illegal and is awaiting for an offer.

Michael Vick was able to get another chance after going to jail for a dog fighting enterprise and cruelty to them. Vick then says Kaepernick should get a haircut to make him less fearful and help him get signed. What a joke?

The players’ can appeal Elliott’s suspension; they should also try to protect former union member Kaepernick. The former San Francisco 49ers didn’t see many African-American players follow in his protest and now is seeing his union let him down. The union hasn’t made a stand for the social activist.

The union’s appeal to Elliott’s suspension won’t be won if Commissioner Roger Goodell is the one in charge of the Dallas Cowboys star running back appeal.

Will Elliott’s suspension be reduced? Should Kaepernick be signed?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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