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Only Blue Jays Cito Gaston…

An African-American have managed in six World Series Championship series. Dusty Baker San Francisco Giants (2002), Cito Gaston Toronto Blue Jays (1992 – 93) and Dave Roberts Los Angeles Dodgers (2017), Ron Washington Texas Rangers 2011 and 2012 . African-American lead their teams to the World Series 5 times since 2002 despite being only a […]

Blue Jays Stroman reminded money not enough

The Toronto Blue Jays Marcus Stroman an African – American baseball player after a home win in Toronto was denied entry at an upscale restaurant. He was reminded his fame and money doesn’t protect him against being discriminated against in Canada. Stroman’s incident wasn’t as dangerous as Cassius Clay trying to eat at a White […]

Blue Jays playoff hopes is over

The Toronto Blue Jays played their 124rd game of the season, they are five games out of the last Wild Card spot and are six games under .500. They are in a terrible situation because the organization and fans have to decide is the glass half-full or half-empty? Do the Blue Jays really have hope […]

Blue Jays still in playoff hunt

The Toronto Blue Jays are still in playoff contention despite injuries, slumping former stars and many blown saves. The Blue Jays have ten games remaining on their current home stand. They are only 4.5 games out of the last Wild Card spot. The fans still have faith in a ten game winning streak this year […]

Blue Jays Wild Card chance zero

The Toronto Blue Jays won four in a row and they are still six games out of a playoff spot. Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro and general manager Russ Atkins must trade some players and get some young assets to help the Blue Jays compete next and following years. Blue Jays beating the Oakland A’s […]

Blue Jays need to trade players…

The Toronto Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro and general manager Ross Atkins hired to help the organization transition from a two-time playoff team, an old team and a team lacking depth in the lower levels. The Blue Jays don’t want to make the playoffs to lose in the first round. The Blue Jays have two […]

MLB Commissioner Manfred must comment

The Major League Baseball is the first United States Professional League integrated with the signing of Jackie Robinson by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 (National League) and the following year Cleveland Indians signed Larry Doby (American League). The MLB attitude towards race haven’t improved very much since the colour barrier was broken. Two days ago […]

Blue Jays after 25% 2017 season

The Toronto Blue Jays gave their fans and organization hope after a 5 game winning streak then followed that by losing three in a row. The Blue Jays were the first team this season to lose 20 games despite that they are only 4 games out of a Wild Card spot. The Blue Jays will […]

N – word use towards Adam Jones

The Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was heckled with a racial slur (N-word) by a few Red Sox fans at Fenway Park. The Major League Baseball (MLB) has retired the number 42 from professional baseball in honour of Jackie Robinson breaking the colour barrier, is trying to attract more African-American to the sport at the […]

The Maple Leafs and Raptors protecting Blue Jays

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors playoff seasons are protecting the Toronto Blue Jays from the media and fans. The Maple Leafs are the number one sports team in Ontario and making the playoffs will keep them there until their season ends. The Raptors are guaranteed a third seed in the Eastern Conference and […]

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