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CFL Diversity is Strength message is great

The T-shirts worn by the British Columbia Lions coaches and players last week reminds everybody that the teams can make a social difference. It was refreshing to see. Diversity is Strength is a positive message, which was a perfect response to what happen in Charlottesville, Virginia. This week again we see the T-shirts being worn […]

Is this the end of Michael Sam?

Michael Sam signed a two year contract with the Montreal Alouettes and was supposed to continue his journey to be the first openly gay professional football player. He left the club right before the first pre-season game. The Als organization didn’t mind giving him a few days to go home and expected him to return. […]

Sam signs with the Alouettes

The Montreal Alouettes signing is a major marketing move for the Canadian Football League. The first openly gay professional football player will play his rookie season in Montreal. The city is a great place for Michael Sam to begin his career because it has a strong gay community who will support him. The Alouettes have […]

The low scoring CFL games are boring

The Canadian Football League used to be a high scoring football where many under sized or came out of smaller school American players who had National Football League talent. These players could take advantage of the wider and longer field to dazzle Canadian football fans. Presently none of the 9 football teams is averaging more […]

Chad Johnson playing in the CFL?

The Montreal Alouettes have given a tryout to Chad Johnson. He has been out of work since 2012 due to a simple battery/ domestic violence charges. The 36 years old former NFL star needs and wants to be paid to play football. The Alouettes have everything to gain and nothing to lose having the outspoken […]

A record 250 underclassmen available for NFL Draft

There are three leagues where NCAA players can be paid to play football when they turn professional. The NFL (National Football League), AFL (Arena Football League) and CFL (Canadian Football League) will greatly be affected by the increase of underclassmen joining the NFL Draft. The NFL will get to deal with the same problem the […]

The best player in the CFL is a Canadian player…

The CFL used to be a league dominated by the quality of the quarterback play. This year has been a horrible year in terms of quality. The injuries to the Montreal Alouettes Anthony Calvillio, Toronto Argonauts Ricky Ray and British Columbia Lions Travis Lulay have forced their teams to play young quarterbacks who were not […]

Who will be the Ottawa Redblacks’ QB?

The rash of quarterback injuries to CFL quarterbacks this year has given the Ottawa Redblacks an opportunity to scout who they will select in the expansion draft. Zach Collaros (Argonauts), Tanner Marsh (Alouettes), Bo Levi Mitchell (Stampeders) and Drew Willy (Roughriders) all started at least one game this season for their respective teams. The Redblacks […]

The Alouettes have the rights to Tebow

Jim Popp general manager of the Montreal Alouettes confirmed that Tim Tebow is on the team’s negotiations list.  Popp texted the Toronto Sun reporter, Saturday, “There is really nothing to discuss unless he came to the CFL. We have never had a conversation with him or his agent.” The Alouettes signed former Ohio State quarterback […]

CFL QB play is below average…

The CFL quarterback situation isn’t good for the future of the league. The Canadian Football League’s 8 teams have only 3 starting quarterbacks who are under 30, and only Travis Lulay (29) is a star player. Anthony Cavillio is 40, Rick Ray is 33 and Henry Burris is 38.  They are supposed to be the top […]

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