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CFL Diversity is Strength message is great

The T-shirts worn by the British Columbia Lions coaches and players last week reminds everybody that the teams can make a social difference. It was refreshing to see. Diversity is Strength is a positive message, which was a perfect response to what happen in Charlottesville, Virginia. This week again we see the T-shirts being worn […]

Barkley wearing the 49ers number seven jersey

This week I saw quarterback Matt Barkley wear the San Francisco 49ers number seven jersey on Thursday, Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed and White supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Thursday night NFL pre-season game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs had a surprising moment for me. San Francisco Matt Barkley was […]

Larry Doby the forgotten Hero

The second African – American player signed to a Major League Baseball contract has been a forgotten man because he wasn’t the first. I enjoy reading, following and learning about the great contribution of Black people to all aspects of history. The only player I heard about was Jackie Robinson being the first African – […]

Kaepernick not voting

The San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick who is the player who started the USA National anthem protest by first sitting and now by going to one knee. The reason for the protest has been widely criticized by players, fans, media and social media bloggers. It wasn’t only white people who criticize his stance. […]

NBA Union needs to make a stand

The news is Magic Johnson and his fellow owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers want to purchase the Clippers. Big deal! Donald Sterling will not sell his NBA team because the media and fans will pressure him to sell the team. The Clippers are one of the most valuable teams in the NBA right now. […]

Jackie’s MLB debut anniversary

Jack Thoedore (Jackie) Robinson made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers April 15, 1947.  Here is a link to Jackie Robinson official site: Robinson was chosen not because he was the best Negro League player because he only played one season in the Negro League. Branch Rickey did his research, which lead him to […]

Jamaal Mashburn used NBA money to make more money

The former Kentucky Wildcat and NBA player Jamaal Mashburn played three years at Kentucky and 11 years in the NBA before a knee injury cut his career short. He made a total of $75 623 634 million from his lucrative NBA and endorsement deals. He was able to use his money to make more money […]

Congrats to Women’s bobsled history makers

The U.S.A. 1 and 2 women’s two-woman bobsled team won the silver and bronze medals, which is the first time that the country won two medals in one Olympic. The U.S.A. 1 women’s team won the silver medal driver Elana Myers and brake woman Lauryn Williams had the lead after the first two of four […]

The Redskins name…

Joe Theismann former Washington Redskins quarterback says, “Redskins’ uniform honors tribes.” We all know the history of imperialism. The White Europeans came over originally and befriended the Native Americans who helped them survive the New World terrain. The Americans were able to beat the British with the help of the Native Americans. They each made […]

Black sisters are future tennis sensations

Alicia “Tornado” Black and Hurricane Tyra Black are considered the heir apparent to the Williams sisters. Alicia made it to the third round of the U.S. Open Junior Women’s tournament. Tyra is the number one 12 year old in the United States. Tornado is a nickname for Alicia. Hurricane Tyra Black is the legal name […]

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