Cowboys Owner Jones powerful

The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a powerful man. He has been able to prevent the NFL from suspending Ezekiel Elliott six games by appealing it and we haven’t heard anything about it since. Now ESPN personality Jemele Hill suspension for asking the players to challenge Jones stance on the U.S. National Anthem protest and corporate sponsors to pull out.

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decision to suspend Cowboys star running back Elliott for six games for the domestic violence situation with his girlfriend. Jones wasn’t happy with the decision and has been able to appeal the suspension. Elliott has played every game this season and it doesn’t look like he will miss a game this season.

ESPN Hill two weeks suspension because she decided to take Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for his stance on the National Anthem protest. Jones won’t play any player who won’t stand during U.S. National Anthem. I don’t believe she has done anything wrong because Jones doesn’t have the right to impose such an anti-protest stance. ESPN had to do something because Hill tweeted that US President Trump is a White Supremacist

The Dallas Cowboys don’t have any African-American stars who can protest Jones’ stance with quarterback Dak Prescott dropped to the second round due to DUI arrest in College and Elliott with his many off the field issues. Jones chose to let Tony Romo retire and keep Prescott as the starting quarterback. The most prominent African-American players are in no place to take on Jones because each one owes him.

The players on other teams must comment about Jones taking away players first amendment and when they are free agents the African-American players shouldn’t sign with the Cowboys to send Jones a message. The Cowboys kneeling with players before anthem and standing arms locked is a fake statement of unity.

Jones has flexed his muscles and no one will stand in his way. Anybody who has taken Jones have lost just ask former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, Commissioner Roger Goodell and now Jemele Hill.

Will Elliott ever serve his 6 game suspension?

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