Black NHL players’ response to protest

The NHL season has started and the Black players’ must respond to questions about USA National Anthem protest. Majority of the Black NHL players are Canadian born; therefore they might not relate to USA national anthem protest. So far I have seen P.K. Subban, Joel Ward and Wayne Simmonds gave their opinion.

Subban has a right to say he won’t protest national anthem because he doesn’t want to disrespect the flag. I don’t mind he doesn’t want to protest. The disrespecting the flag portion bothers me because it sound like he is saying the protesters are wrong. Subban didn’t need to say that comment. Subban talk about a video where Darren Pang complained Subban didn’t play the “White way”. He also received many racial tweets when he was on the Canadian Olympic roster and many fans debated along racial lines if Subban is a worthy of a spot or even play if he did make the team.

Ward thought about it, but didn’t do it. He received many racial tweets from upset fans when their beloved Boston Bruins lost in the playoffs due to a Ward series winning goal when he was a Washington Capital.

Simmonds understands and mentioned the protest is truly about Racial and Social Injustice not the flag itself. He personally dealt with a fan throwing a banana on the ice when he was about to attempt a penalty shot. The Philadelphia Flyers assistant Captain didn’t get an invite to Canada World Cup hockey team despite being one of the best power forwards in the NHL even though many key players injured and couldn’t take part. NHL analyst and former 13 year veteran David Poulin thought Simmonds would be on the roster.

The African-American players Dustin Byfuglien and Seth Jones are NHL All-stars. We haven’t yet heard from them after the USA President derogatory comments. They will definitely asked what they will do during the USA anthem.

The World Junior Championship game between Canada and USA saw many Black players who were key players. The Best player in the game was team USA Jordan Greenway who looked like a future power-forward star. Expect the numbers of Black hockey players in the NHL to increase.

The Black NHL players will have to answer more than once if they will protest and what is their opinion about players who do in other sports? They will need to step up and mentioned Racial and Social Injustice is wrong. They can’t just say Yes or NO to protest.

Will Black NHL players make a stand, kneel or fist in air?

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