Trump did what Kaepernick could not…

The President of the United States Donald Trump was able to accomplish a feat that Colin Kaepernick couldn’t with his Twitter S.O.B. comments referring to NFL anthem protesters who were mostly African-American. Last weekend every NFL game had a form of protest during the national anthem that included the owners.

Everybody representing the NFL were offended by the President’s comments. Players and owners who voted, endorsed and congratulated Trump on his victory now are speaking out against the latest social media gaffe. The players could no longer stay on the sideline or toe the company line by not taking sides. Trump has made it GREAT AGAIN for African-American athletes to be political again. In the 60’s African-American athletes who were political activist helped shape and push forward the equal justice hopes.

Kaepernick the man who started the protest last year couldn’t get more African-American players to join him. His fellow NFL players left Kaepernick to take the brunt of the fans and media back lash. Many African-American football players even spoke against the kneel protest as being against the American flag. Trump Twitter response was an affirmation that Kaepernick was correct.

The NFL Commissioner and owners said all the right things except one thing is missing? Why hasn’t anybody signed Kaepernick? The man who started the movement last year is unemployed, sitting on the sideline, while the movement is getting stronger. The NFL must follow-up by signing the talented quarterback who can help teams on and off the field because being an activist is cool now.

It is not far, but African-American have the extra burden of representing their race, communities and be role models for kids who must battle racial discrimination, financial disadvantages, inferior school system and many grow up in really tough neighborhoods. The African-American athletes must overcome all these circumstances by being leaders and a proud Black man to give the future hope they can also achieve greatness.

Will Kaepernick be on a roster before the season ends?

Fight the power!

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