NFL Week 3 free pint spread picks 2017

The positive is I have many weeks to make up for slow start. Another 1 – 4 week puts me at 2 – 8 for the season, ouch. Time to make some winning picks.

Denver Broncos versus the Buffalo Bills + 3

The Broncos are rolling now and their defense will over match a weak Bills offense. The Broncos are a veteran and won’t be affected by the fact they are on the road. They must keep up with the Raiders.

Take the Broncos – 3

Oakland Raiders against the Washington Football Club + 3.5

The Raiders offense will score 30 points and their defense will only give 17. It looks like a blowout. Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch are healthy. The – 3.5 is a lot to give up on a road dog, but the Raiders are just too good.

Take Raiders – 3.5

Atlanta Falcons versus the Detroit Lions + 3

The Lions + 3 at home against the Falcons is a great pick because worst case scenario it is a push. The Lions offense will score more than 20 points and the defense is up coming. The Falcons aren’t a dominating team.

Take Lions + 3

Dallas Cowboys against the Arizona Cardinals + 3.5

The Cowboys need to end the bad taste in their mouth after a poor performance against the Broncos last week. The Cardinals offense is struggling to score points. The Cowboys offense is better than it showed.

Take the Cowboys – 3

Cincinnati Bengals versus the Green Bay Packers – 9

The Packers are a good but not a dominating team. Packers have a very good offense and poor defense. The Bengals offense have a lot of talent and should score more than 20 points and cover the 9 points.

Bengals + 9

Good luck this weekend!

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