Blue Jays Stroman reminded money not enough

The Toronto Blue Jays Marcus Stroman an African – American baseball player after a home win in Toronto was denied entry at an upscale restaurant. He was reminded his fame and money doesn’t protect him against being discriminated against in Canada. Stroman’s incident wasn’t as dangerous as Cassius Clay trying to eat at a White only establishment in the South after winning an Olympic Gold Medal.

Anybody who is a Black person can relate to this story because each one of us had a reminder that we don’t have the same rights as everybody else. Ask one of your friends, co-worker or teammate who is Black can he relate to the Stroman incident? Observe how the story told and emotion emanating from the person who is telling the story.

Stroman incident involved a bouncer who was a jerk. There is a different set of rules for Black people who go clubs. We have a dress code, while our White patrons can wear whatever they want and get in. Some clubs make Black people wait in line with hopes that they give up and walk away. This has happened to me in Toronto more than a few times. White and Black bouncers would impose the unwritten rule.

I hope Stroman has dropped that restaurant from his go to list. They have apologized on social media because they have no choice. The establishment name was negatively talked about for 24 hours and they lost a millionaire athlete who was a big spender.

Are you surprised Stroman discriminated against in Toronto?

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