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Blue Jays Wild Card chance zero

The Toronto Blue Jays won four in a row and they are still six games out of a playoff spot. Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro and general manager Russ Atkins must trade some players and get some young assets to help the Blue Jays compete next and following years. Blue Jays beating the Oakland A’s […]

Why would Lebon leave the Eastern Conference?

LeBron James is the Best basketball player of his generation and rumours are swirling he may want to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers two years from now. It doesn’t make sense that LeBron would leave the Eastern Conference where he participated in every NBA Finals since 2011: Miami Heat (4) and Cleveland Cavaliers (3). […]

Cavs sign D Rose

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally have signed a rotation player to help them reach the NBA Finals for a fourth consecutive season. Derrick Rose is major upgrade from Deron Williams who was awful in the NBA Finals last season against the Golden State Warriors. The signing of Rose for about a few seconds was the number […]

LeBron needs Pippen to catch Jordan

LeBron James needs a running mate who doesn’t mind being the Robin to his Batman. Scottie Pippen played that role for 6 NBA Championships with Michael Jordan getting most of the accolades for the Chicago Bulls success. Pippen is the best Robin ever to play in the modern day NBA. Kryie Irving requesting a trade […]

Cowboys Elliot will miss games

The Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot will definitely miss a few games to his behavior of the field. The domestic violence and now a bar fight incident. NFL Commissioner didn’t suspend Roger Goodell didn’t Elliot last season after the domestic violence; let the Cowboys running back led his team to the playoffs and he won offensive […]

NBA Rockets Harden, Paul and sale sign

The Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander must feel it is the best time to sell the team after Chris Paul acquisition to help James Harden get closer to an NBA Championship. Why would he want to sell now instead of keeping it for his families’ inheritance? The Rockets are worth $1.65 Billion dollars and he […]

My pick for NBA Rookie of the Year Kings Fox

The NBA Rookie of the Year 2017 – 18 has five leading candidates who are Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons, Dennis Smith Jr., Jayson Tatum and De’Aaron Fox. It will be difficult for the media and fans to choose from this list. Ball receives the most publicity due to his father’s comments, cheerleading through the media […]

Mayweather hire Lavar Ball to battle MacGregor

The second leg tour of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Connor McGregor has been a McGregor domination. Mayweather Jr. is ill-equipped to handle the constant one liners and bashing at the hand of McGregor. The Irishman is up 2 – 0 with 1 more promotional site remaining. McGregor has steamrolled Mayweather and he hasn’t had […]

Rockets sign Harden hope for NBA Championship

The Houston Rockets trade for Chris Paul and now signed James Harden to a four-year extension for $118 million dollars. The Rockets ownership is going all in to win an NBA Championship within the next four years. It is great for the Houston fans to have a roster that will finish top 4 in the […]

Carroll comments about Raptors ISO offense

Ex-Toronto Raptors DeMarre Carroll comments about the ISO offense isn’t surprising. There were only two teams last season that averaged less than 20 assists per game: Phoenix Suns and Raptors. The Raptors 18.5 assists per game is dead last according to the statistics when you click into the link: The Raptors Dynamic Duo DeMar […]

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