Lowry best Raptors player

Kyle Lowry is by far the best Toronto Raptors player and is the undisputed leader of the team. He affect the game in so many ways by taking a charge, fighting for a rebound, creating scoring opportunities for his teammates, assists, taking and key shots. He is the Raptors most consistent three-point shooter. Lowry fills every statistics categories it seems.

Many believe DeMar DeRozan is the best player. He is the best scorer on the team, but definitely not the best player. DeRozan only excels in only three categories: scoring and shot attempts and free throws attempted. Notice all the categories mentioned are offensive. He doesn’t create scoring opportunities for his teammates, very low rebound totals and very limited shooting range.

The Raptors must sign Lowry if they want to stay a top four team in the Eastern Conference again next year. The Raptors can’t sign their 31 years old All-star point to anything more than a three-year deal. The reason I hope they don’t sign Lowry for more than three years; DeRozan is signed for three more years and the fourth is a player option.

The Dynamic Duo can be stay together to make a serious run at a title. Can the Raptors management attract a top talent to Toronto? DeMarre Carroll and Landry Fields were the last 2 free-agents that the Raptors could afford and convince to sign. Cory Joseph is a talented player, but not high priced.

One area that Lowry game has held his Raptors teammates back; their development offensively. Carroll and Joseph were players who were successful with the Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs because the offense is a ball and player movement. Jonas Valanciunas wasn’t getting ball in post despite scoring early in the game. The point guard is the player who can who put the ball in the hand of players who are open, need an easy basket to get convince, encourage his teammates to take and make shots.

Who is the best player on the Raptors? Should Raptors sign Lowry at all cost?

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2 Responses to “Lowry best Raptors player”

  1. Kombozi says:

    Peace Gambit,

    Kyle Lowry is the best Raptors player ever. Vince Carter will likely make the Hall of Fame (because if T-Mac got in, Vince has to), but Kyle Lowry is better. His 2-way brilliance is unmatched at his position.

    Kyle Lowry is a better scorer than DeRozan. Lowry is one of the best 3 point marksmen in the game. Meanwhile Demar can’t hit a 3 to save his life. Lowry balances his role as a scorer, with being a play maker, which is why DeRozan averages almost 30 points. Lowry makes his teammates better.

    The Raps should not offer 5 years and 200 million, because of his age. They should offer 3 years and 120 million, with a team option for a 4th year. They must also re-sign Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker. Having Bird rights for Lowry and Ibaka helps, because it allows them to go beyond the salary cap and not get penalized. That means they should sign PJ Tucker first.

    LBJ for MVP,


    • gambitsports says:

      I agree Lowry for anything more than 3 years delay the inevitable rebuild.
      If they sign Lowry and Ibaka to huge deals then JV will have to be traded since he is the only player teams would want to trade with Raptors for on the the roster.
      I don’t believe they can keep all 3 Lowry, Ibaka and Tucker. If Lowry leaves then a sign and trade is a must. Raptors can’t afford to lose their All-star PG for nothing.

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