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It may be over for Raptors Coach

The Toronto Raptors were swept in humiliating fashion by the Washington Wizards. Head coach Dwane Casey has been stubborn with his rotations and didn’t make any adjustments it seems offensively nor defensively to beat the Wizards. The Raptors 30 point loss to finish their season will make it tough for the Raptors to keep him […]

Raptors lose their home court advantage

The Toronto Raptors will be better in the second game despite their lost. The Raptors depend too much on three point shooting to win. They were 6 for 29 (20.7%) behind the arc and 35 – 92 (38%) from the field. Kyle Lowry will not shot 2 for 10 from the field and 0 for […]

Will the Lowry led Raptors finally win a playoff series?

The Toronto Raptors are facing a very beatable opponent in the Washington Wizards. Most of the factors point towards a Raptors victory; they are 3 – 0 against the Wizards during the season, Raptors have home court advantage and they have a huge advantage at the three point line. The regular season means nothing in […]

Spurs versus Clippers NBA 2015

The Los Angeles Clippers fought hard to get the third seed in the Western Conference and they get to face the regaining NBA Champions, San Antonio Spurs. The Clippers starting five match-up well with the Spurs, Head Coach Doc Rivers has lead the Boston Celtics to a NBA Championship and Clippers have many players who […]

Raptors need a few more wins for home court

The Toronto Raptors are guaranteed minimum a fourth seed, but it doesn’t mean they will get home court advantage if the fifth seed Washington Wizards end the season with more wins. The Raptors need more wins to secure home court advantage no matter whom they play in the first round. The Chicago Bulls have a […]

Spurs Leonard is a superstar

The NBA Finals 2014 MVP Kwahi Leonard is establishing himself as one of the premier All-around players in the league. He is excellent in every facet of the game on both ends of the floor. Kwahi can score from every area of the floor: three point line, mid-range jumpers, post-up moves and driving lay ups […]

NBA Cousins had an old school stats line

The Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins had a statistical game that reminded older NBA fans of past legends did on a regular. His line against the New Orleans Pelicans was 41:54 minutes played, 24 points, 20 rebounds, 13 assists, 4 block shots and 1 steal. He was 9 for 22 from the field and 6 from […]

Spurs will hit the 50 win mark again

The San Antonio Spurs are 1 win away from making this the 16th year in a row that they won 50 or more games in a season; during that stretch they won 50 games exactly twice, more than 60 four times, the remaining ten times they won between 53 and 59. They are the model […]

Raptors need the 3rd seed…

The Toronto Raptors are tied for the third seed in Eastern Conference with the Chicago Bulls. Raptors fan are trying to plan the first and second playoff match-ups which can be best for them. Whoever finishes in the third spot will most probably face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round. Toronto should be working […]

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