Wiggins is the number one pick, but

Andrew Wiggins was the number one pick in the NBA Draft because he has the biggest upside, which many NBA teams put a major emphasis on when they select a lottery players. He was the obvious choice once Joel Embiid had surgery on his foot.
The positive aspect of being picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers is there are two Canadian players on their roster who were also high picks. Anthony Bennett (Last year’s number #1 pick) and Tristan Thompson (Number 4 in 2011) will help Wiggins adapt to the NBA during his rookie season. The Cavs will become many NBA Canadian fans favourite team.
The negatives may outweigh the positive because the Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is very involved and is not afraid to make controversial comments. They have a new coach David Blatt and the highest paid associate coach in the NBA Tyronn Lue, which makes every wonder will the coaches work well together? The Cavs went outside the box by hiring a successful European League coach and Lue’s job will be to help him adapt to the nuances of the NBA game.
The Cavs need to resign Kyrie Irving and they have one year to do it; his presence would help take the pressure off Wiggins to be the franchise player because Irving would have the title as long as he stays in Cleveland. Irving was the All-star game MVP last year and will make many more All-star teams in years to come.
Dion Waiters playing time and shot attempts will affect his relationship with his teammates. There was a rumour last year that Waiters and Irving were involved in a fist fight. Can Waiters and Irving co-exist in the same locker room? The smart thing to do would be to trade Waiters, which will permit Wiggins and Bennett ample playing time. Too many players with the same skill set, similar size and need for playing time will cause an unhappy locker room.
Will Wiggins have a great rookie campaign?
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