LeBron will stay in the East

LeBron James has opted out of his final three years with the Miami Heat, which means the NBA fans will get to watch the biggest NBA soap opera this off season. James doesn’t need to accept Miami’s maximum contract because he is a smart businessman. LeBron wants more championships to add his legacy.
The best situation for LeBron to continuing his dominance and get to more NBA Championships would be to stay in the Eastern Conference. He can join any team in the East and the team would be in the NBA Finals. The Heat would still his first choice if they can improve the roster dramatically and Shabazz Napier is a good start.
The second option could be the Chicago Bulls with a much better supporting roster than the Heat. Joakim Noah (Defensive Player of the Year and multiple times All-Star), Taj Gibson (an excellent rebounder and shot blocker), Jimmy Butler (a solid two-way player) and Kirk Hinrich (a solid pro) can help LeBron make a few more NBA Finals. The possibility of a healthy Derrick Rose could make this team the favourite to win the NBA Finals.
The Heat need more than Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to keep LeBron happy in Miami. The remaining 9 players who were not consistently productive need an overhaul. Shane Battier retired, Chris (Birdman) Andersen is a free agent and Mario Chalmers will be replaced by Shabazz Napier. The players who will stay are that can contribute are Ray Allen, Michael Beasly and Norris Cole. Heat President Pat Riley will have 2 weeks to improve his roster to convince James to sign a long term contract.
The one team that doesn’t have a chance to sign James is the Cleveland Cavailiers because of owner Dan Gilbert’s reaction to the Decision when the franchise palyer left town.
The Greatest payer in his generation will be known for being a mercenary. James has already worn jerseys for two different teams. He will do what is best for LeBron James in order to win more titles. The possibility of James playing for third team is not good for the NBA. The presence of an All-Time great can help a small market team compete with the big spenders, which won’t happen anymore.
The NBA stars are conspiring to play with fellow stars because many are playing together on the USA Men’s basketball team; therefore, creating a bond that makes it easier for them to communicate and talk about the possibility of being on the same team. The NBA’s need to showcase their talent created a bigger problem that they didn’t envision. The original Dream Team had duos Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen and John Stockton/Karl Malone who were drafted by the same team and developed together.
Who will LeBron sign with this summer?
Enjoy your weekend!
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