The Heat are in desperation mode

Chris Bosh told the media that he expects the Big 3 will all return next year. The only person that the Heat fans want a confirmation from is LeBron James. Until LeBron announces his return it is irrelevant what Bosh or Dwayne Wade say to the media. The Big 3 became the Big 1 during the Finals with James being the only player to average over 20 points a game on the Heat. He will have to seriously look at his options this summer.
Bosh’s five game point total for the NBA Finals was 18, 18, 9, 12 and 13. His rebound totals 9,3,3,4 and 7. A player who believes that he will be in the Hall of Fame didn’t produce one double-double in the series. Bosh will not opt out of his contract because not many teams would be interested in a three point shooting, no post game, shot blocking nor rebounding ability to play power forward or center for their team.
Wade’s five game point total was 19, 14, 22, 10 and 11. He also didn’t contribute 1 double-double during the Finals. His rebound totals were 3, 7, 4, 2 and 3, while his assists totals 2,5,5,3 and 3. Wade is a player that usually fills out the statistics in all categories. His is broken down and doesn’t have many star quality years left in him.
James will take the time to evaluate his options and make a decision that is best for him. The Heat may make the Finals again next year, but the Western Conference team would beat them again because they don’t have enough offense to compete with the best teams.
I think he will leave Miami and move on to a better team. I can’t see the Heat buying out Wade to free up some cap space to add talent. Heat president Pat Riley will have to use all his abilities to convince James that the roster will be improved and championship level.
Do you believe James will leave Miami?
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