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The Spurs survived a scare in Dallas

The San Antonio Spurs could not afford to lose game 4 in Dallas and be down 3 – 1. The Spurs survived a Dallas Mavericks comeback and tied the series at 2. The series is now a best out of three with the Spurs having home court advantage. The surprising development of the series so […]

The Raptors and Wizards are the playoffs surprises

The NBA marketing and media were worried that for the first time in their history the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks didn’t make the playoffs. The interest and rating would be affected without the presence of these legendary franchises. The NBA playoffs first round is the best it has been ever […]

Sharks and Kings will be playing a game 7

The San Jose Sharks were up three zero with a goal for 17 to the Los Angeles Kings 8. This series looked as if it was over. The Sharks have kept the core group together for many years hoping to one great playoff run. The Sharks have always played great during the regular season. They […]

The Pacers are not done yet

The Atlanta Hawks have won their three games by more than 8 points. The Hawks three point shooting was the difference each victory. They make their threes and the Pacers can’t keep up. The Hawks made 15 of 27 three point shots for 55.6%. Indiana started well with David West passing the ball inside Paul […]

NBA Union needs to make a stand

The news is Magic Johnson and his fellow owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers want to purchase the Clippers. Big deal! Donald Sterling will not sell his NBA team because the media and fans will pressure him to sell the team. The Clippers are one of the most valuable teams in the NBA right now. […]

The Bruins will eliminate the Canadiens

The Boston Bruins will face the Montreal Canadiens to decide who will win the Atlantic Division title. This playoff round will go to the best team in the Eastern Conference, which is the Bruins. They will get four days off that will help Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask to be ready for the […]

Raptors win game 4 with a great start

The Toronto Raptors had a great first quarter with a 35 to 22 advantage against the Brooklyn Nets. DeMar DeRozan’s 20 and Amir Johnson’s 13 points helped give the Raptors the early lead. The Raptors seemed to be running away with the game until Kyle Lowry picked up his third foul at the 4:28 of […]

Clippers return home with the series tied at 2

Game 4 started with the Los Angeles Clippers players removing their warm-up jerseys and putting them down at center court as a team. The players who were sitting on the bench wore a red t-shirt inside out so that the word Clippers wasn’t visible to the public. The Golden State Warriors got huge contributions from […]

Clippers players and Doc Rivers are…

The Los Angeles Clippers players and Coach Doc Rivers will have to answer questions about racially insensitive comments made by their owner. They meet and discussed the issue within the team, but can’t really comment because they are in the playoffs. Coach Rivers is visibly upset when trying to avoid giving a direct answer about […]

Clippers owner has some explaining to do

The Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was apparently taped saying to his girlfriend not to bring Blacks to games. He supposedly told her she can sleep with them and hang out with them, but not to bring them to games. Sterling also told her not to invite Magic Johnson to the games. The social […]

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