Sixers are not the worst in NBA history or league

The Philadelphia 76ers have beat the Detroit Pistons to stop the longest losing streak in NBA history. The 76ers tied the 26 game losing streak, but they didn’t surpass the record.

Brandon Jennings was ejected from the game after only playing 10 minutes. This should not an excuse because they still had Josh Smith, Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Rodney Stuckey in the line-up.

The Pistons still have a really slim chance to make the playoffs and needed a win to keep their hopes alive.

The Sixers two NBA caliber players, Thaddeus Young and Michael Carter-Williams were able to dominate the game. Henry Sims is a player who got an opportunity to show he is a solid professional because of his playing time. He is a former Georgetown senior who was not drafted and bounced between the NBA and D-League.

Sims 17 games with Sixers, he has averaged 10.5 points and 6.9 rebounds a game. The tanking organization has given him an opportunity to show he has NBA talent and will earn a long term deal next year.

The Sixers are the ultimate tank team with their 16 – 57 record. Believe it or not the Sixers are not the worst team in the NBA. The honour goes to the Milwaukee Bucks with a 14 – 59 record.

The Sixers may have a two game winning streak when they play against the Atlanta Hawks Monday. The Hawks have trouble scoring without Kyle Korver in the line-up. This was the game I thought the Sixers would have broken their losing streak.

Why is nobody talking about the Bucks tank job? The roster is a disaster with questionable characters, no leaders nor veterans.

Congratulations to the Sixers and shame on the Pistons for not only losing, but getting blown out.

Which team has a better future the Sixers or Pistons?

Enjoy your weekend!

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