Felipe Alou should be in the Hall of Fame

Felipe Alou was the first Dominican player to play a prominent role in major league baseball. Roberto Clemente was Peurto Rican.

His career spanned 17 seasons (1958 – 74) and was a three time All-star (1962 – 66 and 68). He had 2 101 hits, 206 home runs and 852 runs batted in with a .286 batting average. Those numbers are not Hall of Fame numbers for a player.

In 1976 he became hitting coach for the Montreal Expos and held different roles in the organization before given the opportunity to be a manager.

He went on to be a MLB manager for 14 years (1992 – 2006), managed 2 055 games with a 1 033 and 1 021 record. His .503 winning percentage would have been much better if he hadn’t for the Montreal Expos, a team that never wanted to pay their players and traded them away for talented  less expensive youngsters.

Felipe won National League manager of the Year award in 1994.

A person who dedicated his life to baseball and the MLB from 1958 to 2006, should be in the Hall of Fame. He made an enormous contribution to the development of baseball in the Dominican Republic. Many of the modern day baseball stars are from the Dominican because of the Alou family influence.

Felipe, Matty (made 2 All-star teams and won World Series with the Oakland A’s in 1972) and Jesus were the first brother to play in the same outfield when they were with the Giants. Felipe’s son Moises was an excellent player himself with 6 All-star appearances and 2 Silver Slugger awards.

Felipe Alou was and still is a great ambassador to the game throughout his life. He had success as a player, player development and manager. There is no reason to keep Alou out of the Hall of Fame.

Do you believe Felipe Alou should be in the Hall of Fame?

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One Response to “Felipe Alou should be in the Hall of Fame”

  1. rommel says:

    Thanks gambit….Felipe is a class act….i believe he will make hall of fame one day in the builders category for his lifetime contributions to the game…..expos fan baby…….heeeeeeeeeeho

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