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Leafs had a choice with Phaneuf…

The Toronto Maple Leafs organization felt they couldn’t part with Dion Phaneuf. He is by far their best defenseman on a mediocre defensive unit. He is the team captain and has been for the last four years. The Leafs felt they had no choice, but to over pay for Phaneuf’s services. His seven years 49 […]

NFL African American quarterbacks had a good year

This NFL season there were 12 African American quarterbacks who started at least one game. The main reason that kept African American quarterbacks from being starters in the past is now the reason, which is making them valuable.  The African American quarterbacks have been known to be more athletic than the typical drop back passers. […]

6 NFL head coaching jobs are now available

The Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, , Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need of a new Head Coach. The common denominators are each team had a losing season, lack of discipline in terms of penalties or turnovers and a few teams were expected to […]

Week 17 free point spread NFL picks

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs didn’t cover last week. I was 4 – 2 with my picks last week. My record overall is 40 – 39 – 4 so far this season. The Baltimore Ravens against the Cincinnati Bengals (-6) The Bengals are a great home team. They have 7 – 0 at […]

Rodgers will start for the Packers

The Green Bay Packers will be playing the Chicago Bears to decide the NFC North Division champion. Aaron Rodgers presence increases the probability that the Packers beat the Bears. Rodgers is recovering from a broken collarbone. The Packers aren’t Super Bowl contenders; therefore, risking the health of the franchise quarterback isn’t a smart move.  The […]

Romo not playing this weekend

Tony Romo will miss the division deciding match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Romo has a history of failure despite putting up great statistics every year since he was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys fans still are hurting from Romo fumbling the snap against the Seattle Seahawks, which […]

Austin Rivers should have stayed at Duke

The New Orleans Pelicans picked up the option on Austin Rivers contract for next year. Rivers played 22 minutes a game in his rookie season and in his second season he is only averaging 12. The Pelicans picked up Rivers option with the intent to trade him. He no longer figures in the Pelicans plans […]

DeRozan is an All-Star this season…

DeMar DeRozan is having an All-Star season. He is 15th in the NBA in scoring with 21.0 points per game and is second in the NBA in minutes played per game (38.5). The Toronto Raptors are first in the Atlantic Division. The fact that they are leading the division with an under .500 record should […]

The Redskins name…

Joe Theismann former Washington Redskins quarterback says, “Redskins’ uniform honors tribes.” We all know the history of imperialism. The White Europeans came over originally and befriended the Native Americans who helped them survive the New World terrain. The Americans were able to beat the British with the help of the Native Americans. They each made […]

Pacers are getting Granger back…

The Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel has a major problem on his hands.  Former All-Star Danny Granger will be returning to the Pacers line-up.  The Pacers have the best record in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers coach has three options: start him, have him come off the bench or ask management to trade Granger. Lance […]

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