NFL players’ early celebrations

Danny Trevathan of the Denver Broncos interception return and his release of the ball at the one yard will now be played over a million times. I don’t understand a player who releases the ball early keeps on running to the middle of the end zone to posse for the camera. There would not be a problem if the player keeps the ball until he poses for the camera in the middle of the end zone, which would ensure the player scores the touchdown.

The Broncos were up 42 – 17 at the time of the play.

He scores an interception return touchdown and the score is 49 – 17 with eight minutes left. The Broncos could have given Peyton Manning the rest of the night off.

The many NFL fans who watched the last night’s game that are not Broncos fans were upset Trevathan didn’t finish the play with a touchdown.  NFL Fantasy football league owners who were hoping to get a touchdown from Denver’s defense. Many gamblers who bet on the Broncos to cover the 10 point spread now have to continue watching the game because the Baltimore Ravens scored a touchdown on the following drive. The score is now 42 – 24.

The gamblers who bet on the Ravens had hope for a comeback; therefore, they had to keep on watching the game.

The worst part of Trevathan not scoring was Broncos defensive captain and signal caller Wesley Woodward was injured trying to recover the fumble. Woodward returned to the game, but the Broncos will only now how badly he hurt his knee until this morning. The knee joint may will swell overnight.

Jack Del Rio the Broncos defensive coordinator was verbally letting Trevathan, his error. The player was shouting back at Del Rio. I was thinking what the player can say at that point because what he did was an unacceptable error. The only thing that should be coming out of Trevathan mouth is, “My bad.”

The Broncos eventually won the game easily 49 – 27.

Twitter world was mentioning Leon Lett and DeShean Jackson as comparison to Trevathan bone head play.

Leon Lett was caught from behind by Don Beebe. Lett’s play should not be compared to the other two.

DeShean Jackson and Danny Trevathan purposely dropped the ball before crossing the gaol line in order to pose and celebrate their touchdowns without actually scoring it. The ball was not knocked out of their hands by an opponent.

I hope it will be the last time we see a player drop a ball before they reach the gaol line this year. There are certain teams where this dumb play would not have happen because the player would be released the next day.

Will this be the last time this year a player will drop a ball before crossing the goal line?

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