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Subban loves Bogosian contract

P.K. Subban, the Norris Trophy winner, loves Zach Bogosian contract. Bogosian singed a 7 year for 36 million dollar contract. The 24 years old defenseman will remain in Winnipeg. Name Games Goals Assists Points Bogosian 297 34 69 103 Subban 202 32 82 114   The Montreal Canadiens organization and Subban had a difficult contract […]

Remember Vizquiel’s comment about the Jays?

Sean Fitz-Gerald wrote September 28, 2012 for the National Post, Omar Vizquiel has no regrets about latest comments, but apologizes to Jays anyway. Omar Vizquiel said, “The coaching staff  have a big responsibility to kind of get in there and tie things up a little bit more communication with the players.” He was saying the […]

Derrick Rose is talking too much…

The Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose was the NBA M.V.P. in 2010-11. Rose hasn’t played a basketball game for over 15 months. He didn’t play a single game last year, which included the playoffs. He played 39 games in 2011 – 12 before tearing his ACL. Rose says he is 100% and that he is the […]

QB McNabb Eagles #5 should be retired

Donavan McNabb played 11 of his 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, made eight playoff appearances, five NFC East titles, five conference championship games and one Super Bowl loss. He led the Eagles to four straight division titles 2001 – 04. The Eagles record with McNabb at quarterback was 92 – 49 – 1, including […]

Coach Mike Tomlin gets a twitter account

There are only five NFL coaches with Twitter accounts. The NFL coaches who have a twitter account are: Bruce Arians, Pete Carroll, Jeff Fisher and Jim Schwartz. There is a reason why head coaches should avoid being on Twitter.                           Tomilin’s first tweet on his account was, “Hello Twitter. Expect no BS from me. Just […]

PED is not the MLB biggest problem right now…

The biggest problem facing the MLB right now is the umpires ejecting players and managers from games. Miguel Cabrera, Mr. Triple Crown, was tossed from a game for being critical of the umpire’s strike zone. The umpire behind the plate was Chad Fairchild who presently leads all umpires with eight player ejections this year. The […]

Gibbons will no longer play Lawrie at 2nd base

The Toronto Blue Jays don’t seem to understand the importance of Brett Lawrie playing some games at second base.  The Jays best hitting line-up would be 1. Jose Reyes (SS), 2. Melky Cabreara (LF), 3. Jose Baustita (DH), 4. Edwin Encarnacion(3B), 5. Adam Lind(1B), 6. Brett Lawrie(2B), 7. Colby Rasmus(CF), 8. J.P. Arencibia(C),and 9. Rajai […]

The Raptors are having a great summer

Coach Dwayne Casey must be excited to begin the NBA season. The Toronto Raptors traded Andrea Bargnani, signed Tyler Hansborough, Rudy Gay had eye surgery to correct a vision problem and Jonas Valanciunas was Summer League MVP (Las Vegas). The players and draft picks received in return for Bargnani will improve the Raptors roster. Hansborough […]

CFL QB play is below average…

The CFL quarterback situation isn’t good for the future of the league. The Canadian Football League’s 8 teams have only 3 starting quarterbacks who are under 30, and only Travis Lulay (29) is a star player. Anthony Cavillio is 40, Rick Ray is 33 and Henry Burris is 38.  They are supposed to be the top […]

Blue Jays should bring back Kawasaki and Romero

The Toronto Blue Jays season is quickly going down the tubes. The Jays need some help with talent and energy, which can be resolved by bringing back Ricky Romero and Munenori Kawasaki. Romero could help the starting pitching staff that can seem to get past the first two innings of a game. The Blue Jays […]

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