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Melky Cabera, the San Francisco Giants and MLB headache

This is the 1st time a player received a 50 game drug suspension during the season which his team won the World Series Title. Melky Cabrera played 113 games and was suspended at the 118 game mark. He led the league in hits with 159 and 2nd in batting average, .346. His team had a record […]

NFL: Thank you Snoop Dogg sorry I meant Snoop Lion…….

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (now Snoop Lion) has been a certified football coach for 8 years, coaching his sons through youth football. What would I like to thank him for? He created, donated and got sponsors to create SYFL (Snoop Youth Football League). He saw a need in his community and did something about it. […]

NFL: Tony Romo or Micheal Vick?

The media portrays Micheal Vick as the QB that should be benched because he is playing so poorly right now. I agree he has been terrible and has not led his team to a great season. What I’m offended by is the fact that Tony Romo has not been abused in the media for his […]

NBA: OKC makes smart move by trading James Harden…..

James Harden was offered 52 million for a four year contract—a great deal, considering his team had a chance at winning the NBA title during this period. Instead, he will take more money on a bad team. Houston Rockets aren’t going anywhere in the Western conference. He will be a starter now, so he will […]

NFL Week 8 pick of the week ……

I’m 1 – 0 with my Titans pick last week. They won the game and covered the 3-point spread. When picking point spreads, you are looking for an underdog who you believe can win the game. This week I’m picking the Dolphins (+3). The Dolphins had a byeweek and Miami’s defense is ranked 4th against […]

If cycling federation really wants to eliminate drug cheats…

Hire the doctors who are paid to provide, administer and regulate the athletes’ drug intake in order to successfully pass regular drug testing. Remember those computer hackers that were so good that government agencies and companies would hire them to protect themselves against hacking? Do the same with these doctors! Without their help, the rampant […]

Lance Armstrong lose 7 tour victories who cares…

As I mentioned before, hire Doctors who help athletes cheat and we will see a drastic reduction of drug scandals. The reason why athletes cheat is to win and make a lot of money. So, he lost his 7 tour victories? His ego will be hurt and he will be embarrassed for about a minute. […]

Sandy Alomar Jr. should be Blue Jays next manager…

John Farrell’s dream job is to be the Boston Red Sox manager. He left the Blue Jays organization to manage the Red Sox. The Blue Jays need to hire a manger who will commit to the Blue Jays organization for many years. Now, please hire Sandy Alomar Jr. as your new manager. He comes from […]

A great NFL road dog winner this week will be …….

The Titans will beat the Bills this weekend in Buffalo. Don’t be fooled by last weeks’ win against the Cards. Hassleback, Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt will score over 30 points. The Titans’ defense has built some confidence from the Steelers game. Good luck this weekend!

Anderson Silva should fight Jones or retire….

Dana White will have to pay these 2 fighters a minimum of 5 million each up front. Yes, not a few hundred thousand, but in the millions, to get this fight done. Silva is 37 years old and needs a high-paying fight. At 26, Jones could use a big purse, win or lose. Please don’t […]

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