Colin Kaepernick sits during National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick’s sits during National Anthem, before the pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers, to protest the death of African-Americans at the hands of the police.  The response will be a social media firestorm that the 28 years old player will have to deal with for the rest of his NFL career and life. The way he choose to protest the racial injustice in USA will split everybody into 2 camps that will only see their point of view and only part of the protest reason.

A former soldier responded on social media: he spoke of many USA soldiers fighting for the right to free speech and mentioned all the great wars they won, but didn’t mention anything about the reason why Colin is protesting by not standing during the anthem. The soldier was a white person who either doesn’t care or doesn’t want to know about the violent deaths of African-American and high poverty rate, which is a major cause for inner city issues.

My response to him was: All the victories you mentioned had African-American soldiers die for the flag. The ones that did come back to the USA had to deal with Jim Crow, poverty and still have African-Americans killed for questionable reasons by Police or neighbourhood watch volunteer. Yes, USA has freedom of speech, but it is not Equal Opportunity for all. I will agree that Colin should find another way to protest.

I thought after posting the comment should Kaepernick find another way to protest because his actions has put American race relations in the news. A white USA soldier and I each responded to the post about the 49ers quarterback stance. It has made people think, talk and hopefully discuss why are African-Americans more likely to be incarcerated and killed? The high unemployment rate and extreme poverty that many Blacks have to deal with every day in the USA.

This is reminiscent of Muhammad Ali not wanting to help USA recruit African-Americans to fight the Vietnam War. Ali had to give up his Heavy Weight Championship belt and not fight for a few years. His stance years later was looked upon as heroic in the lenses of American history.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf of the Denver Nuggets didn’t stand for National Anthem because of his religious beliefs in 1996 during an NBA game and was fined for his actions.

Jim Crow Laws were only made illegal in 1954 ( ) that is only 62 years ago. African-American who died fighting for the flag, liberty and freedom came back not as heroes instead they had to deal with segregation and USA ideals they fought was not true for them.

I don’t believe many African-American athletes will follow him in his protest because the endorsement dollars they may lose. Many African-American athletes will be asked about the injustices. It will be interesting to see if White athletes will be asked the same questions, probably not.

Colin Kaepernick will not treated as such, but he should be praised for standing up against social injustices he sees even though it has not happened to him personally, because he is a former NFL star. Right now he is struggling to make the 49ers roster. It could be the end of his NFL career soon.

Thank you Colin, for making a stand.

Do you think Colin should find another way to protest?

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Cowboys Elliot visits a marijuana store

The Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot visits a marijuana store and has a domestic violence incident before his first regular season carry. The Cowboys organization and fans will have to worry about their number one pick off field actions, which could lead to a suspension in the near future. Ezekiel didn’t purchase any drugs during his visit.

Elliot is supposed to be the new franchise running back who will remind older Cowboys fans Emmitt Smith. The former Ohio State star seemed to be drafted in a perfect situation with a winning organization and the best offensive line in the NFL. The presence of Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Tony Romo will prevent opponents from playing with 8 men in the box to stop the run.

Ezekiel may be giving the Cowboys organization and fans a preview to what it will be like to have him on the team. The unwarranted attention will definitely be noticed by the NFL and they may take a closer look when the Cowboys rookie take a drug test. The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coaches will have a talk with Elliot to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Elliot doesn’t seem to understand he has a responsibility to the city of Dallas, the organization, fans, his owner, coaches and teammates. The back-ups to Elliot are Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris who have had success during their NFL career so far. McFadden rushed for 1 089 yards and had a 4.6 yards a carry last season with the Cowboys while Morris has had three 1 000 yards rushing season in an NFL season. Head Coach Jason Garrett will have a tough time keeping his franchise running back on the field if Ezekiel keeps on acting recklessly.

The Cowboys made a great pick in drafting Elliot now they have to support, mentor and make sure the only time he misses games is due to injury not suspensions. Dallas have multiple players on the defensive side of the ball who may be suspended due to a failed drug test. It may not be the best locker room to be in if Elliot doesn’t take responsibility for actions and thinks about the consequences when he does act.

Will Elliot play 16 games this season?

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Cowboys need to find a veteran after Romo injury

The Dallas Cowboys need to find a veteran quarterback after Tony Romo injury against Seattle Seahawks in last night’s pre-season game. Dak Prescott has played well during the pre-season despite being a rookie. The Cowboys can’t go into the season with two inexperienced quarterbacks with Prescott as number one and Jameill Showers as the back-up.

Romo didn’t go to the locker room, but he did leave the game and Dez Bryant has a concussion. The Cowboys will have a tough time beating the new and improved New York Giants in the season opener. The Cowboys due have a great offensive line, have a very good running back combination (Ezekiel Elliot and Darren McFadden) and old reliable Jason Witten at tight end. This won’t be enough if Romo is not at the helm and Bryant lining up at wide receiver.

The Cowboys quarterback is under a lot of pressure because they are still considered “America’s Team”, Jerry Jones is an owner who is in the spot light and media pressure will be immense. This is a situation is not conducive to a rookie quarterback succeeding. There have been rookie quarterbacks who were great in their rookie campaign recently: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were high draft choices and Russell Wilson was a third round choice.

Romo injury hasn’t been announced yet, but he will have to take a few days off. Prescott doesn’t have to worry about being the starting quarterback right now. Dak skill set is similar to the three successful rookie quarterbacks I mentioned because he can make plays with his legs, extend plays and get first downs, which is a great assets to make up for his lack of experience as a starter.

Sunday September 11, 2016 is still two weeks away. Cowboys fans don’t have to panic right now, but the media will start to question Prescott about the possibility of being a starter for the season opener.

Will the Cowboys beat the Giants in Game 1?

Have a fantastic day!

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Blue Jays are hanging on despite injuries

The Toronto Blue Jays are hanging on the American League East Division lead despite injuries to many key players. Manager John Gibbons has been able to hold his team together and a Russell Martin hot streak has helped them maintain their lead. Jose Bautista returned and Devon Travis injuries a finger.

The Jays have been resilient team finding ways to win with a strong starting rotation and a dynamic closer. The middle relief is still a huge question mark as the games get tighter. The Jays are 14 – 22 in one run games and are 4 – 8 in extra-inning games. The Blue Jays still hold a one game lead over the Baltimore Orioles and tied with Boston Red Sox for Division lead.

Toronto has played 127 games with 35 games remaining for the regular season. The Jays have six games remaining against Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles before a team is crowned American League East Division Champion. Many believe the two Wild Card spots will go to the American League East second and third place finishers. The fact they have so many games against each other will make it tough to win both spots.

The Toronto Blue Jays get to play the Minnesota Twins at the right time. The Twins are on a seven game losing streak and the Blue Jays desperately need a three game sweep before facing the Baltimore Orioles. Losing a three game series to the struggling Los Angeles was surprising to everybody.

The Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro has put his team in a tough spot by giving Aaron Sanchez 10 days off in the middle of a playoff run. Sanchez is not injured and will be resting until he will be recalled to the roster. It will be interesting to see if Sanchez will not be affected by the rest.

Can the Jays hang on to a playoff spot?

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Yankees are still in the playoff hunt

The New York Yankees are still in the playoff hunt after 117 games; they are only 4.5 games out of a Wild Card playoff spot. The Yankees have a three game series against the American League East leader Toronto Blue Jays (August 15 – 17) that will determine if they are contenders or pretenders.

Rookies Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge will have the opportunity to play games during a playoff race and show if they are the future nucleus to make the Yankees great again. There are enough veterans on the teams to help the young prospects. Jacob Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann have played many playoff games. Their experience and leadership will be valuable in dugout and locker room.

Manager Joe Girardi is excellent at managing his pitching staff and keeping his team in the game. The Yankees CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka will have to earn their 20 million plus salaries. Girardi has to use multiple pitchers every game to get to the ninth inning and will have an exhausted bullpen by mid-September.

Girardi was able to get rid of one major distraction by having Alex Rodriguez retire early. Now the team can focus on making a push and at the same time use his talented young players (Gary Sanchez, Austin and Judge).

The Yankees have 45 games remaining after today with 26 of them against American League East opponents. They have 10 games remaining against the Toronto Blue Jays, 9 versus the Baltimore Orioles and 7 against the Red Sox; therefore, the Yankees can still make a run.

The Yankees will need to sweep the Blue Jays August 15 to 17 in order to have any hope for a Wild Card spot. Winning the series will not be enough.

Can the Yankees get one of the Wild Card spots?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Paul George calling out teammates for playing Hero Ball

Team USA Paul George calling out teammates for playing Hero Ball in Slam post:

The majority of NBA stars are high volume shooters who are not used to passing the ball. DeMar DeRozan took 32 shots in Game 7 against the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the playoffs. Kevin Durant averages 20 shots a game during his NBA career. Many of the best scorers in the NBA have very low assists totals.

The NBA players are realizing they have to play a team game to win the Gold Medal. Coach Mike Krzyzewski should show the USA Men’s team video of the USA Women’s team playing together and sharing the ball. The Women’s team has 5 players who are averaging 10 points a game.

The USA Men’s talent is still extraordinary and should be enough to get a Medal, but they are not there to win anything except the Gold Medal. It would be a disaster for the NBA.  The team got their wake-up call and Coach K will have to challenge the team to be better. Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant are supposed to be the leaders on the young team.

The USA close games against Australia (10), Serbia (3) and France (3) shows their opponents don’t fear the so called “Best Team” in the Olympic Tournament. France only lost by three points without Tony Parker playing. The common dominator with each team is that they have NBA players who had success and played against the best players on a regular basis.

Many players have been NBA Champions: Aron Bynes (Spurs), Andrew Bogut (Warriors), Patty Mills (Spurs), Matthew Dellavedova (Cavs), Boris Diaw (Spurs) and Tony Parker (Spurs).

The biggest problem for team USA is the fact they only have DeAndre Jordan and DeMarcus Cousins as big men. Centers Nikola Jokic scored 25 points and Miroslav Raduljica had 18 for Serbia; Bogut had 15 points for Australia and Joffrey Lauvergne scored 12 for France. The offense goes through the Big Men in FIBA and the NBA has been taken over by teams playing small ball.

Can USA go back to winning by double digits?

Have a fantastic day!

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#Black Girl Magic at the 2016 Rio Olympics

#Black Girl Magic at the 2016 Rio Olympics is happening in non-traditional sports dominated by African-American women such as swimming, fencing, water polo and gymnastics. The American women are making history as being the first and second to do so for USA.

Simone Manuel is the first African-American women to win an individual Gold Medal in swimming.  She tied for Gold with Canadian Penny Oleksia in the 100 meter free style event and set an Olympic record 52.70. She has a few more races to compete in.

USA Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first Muslim women to compete wearing a hijab. She won a Bronze medal in the team Sabre; therefore, becoming the first USA Olympian Muslim woman to wear a hijab to win a medal. She is now a role model for Muslim women across the world.

Ashleigh Johnson is an African-American woman who is the goalie for the team USA water polo team. At the 2015 World Championships USA won. Team USA is considered a medal contender since they are defending champions.

Simone Biles is the second African-American women to win the All-Around Gymnastic title. Gabby Douglas was the first to do so at the London games 2012. African-Americans are now back-to-back Olympic Gold Medalist in the All-around gymnastic.

Manuel and Biles are not done; they have a chance to add to their Olympics medal tally within the next few days. Johnson has a chance to win her first Olympic medal. I hope they do and will aspire many more African-Americans to compete in non-traditional sports dominated by African-American athletes without worrying about being the only one on their team or at a competition.

Naomy Grand’Pierre who competes for the University of Chicago is the first Haitian swimmer to compete at the Olympics. She is an African-American and because of her parents citizenship, she was able to represent Haiti at the Olympics. She also had to beat the qualifying time to earn the privilege to be in Rio.

#BlackGirlMagic is powerful in terms of young women seeing someone who looks like them accomplish great feats despite competing in non-traditional African-American sports. Let us hope to see more to do so.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Where should Stroman be in rotation?

Where should Marcus Stroman be in the Blue Jays rotation? A number one starter are pitchers who have an opportunity to win the CY Young every year and be the Game one pitcher in the playoffs. Stroman declared himself the number one starter when David Price singed with the Boston Red Sox. Stroman this season has pitched like a number three, while Aaron Sanchez has pitched like a number one.

Stroman’s 4.76 ERA is the worst on the Blue Jays starters who have been with the team since the beginning of the year.  He is second on the team with 118 strikeouts because he has started more games than J.A. Happ (22 starts/117K) and Marco Estrada (19starts/115K). R.A. Dickey gave up the most HR 26 and Stroman is second with17 HR. Marcus gave up 78 earned runs, which by far the worst on the Jays.

Marcus has struggled this season after finishing the season 4 – 0 with a 1.76 ERA during the Blue Jays playoff run last year after coming back from knee surgery. The question is what the team and fans can expect from Stroman the rest of the season and career.

Stroman will be a pitcher who is a top four on most rotations in the MLB, will go out every start and battle. Does he have the stuff to be a quality starter? A quality start is minimum six innings with 14 were and 9 were not, which is a 60% ratio. This is the same as Dickey who is also struggling, in terms of quality starts.

The Blue Jays first have to make the playoffs then decide on their pitching rotation. The Blue Jays rotation should be Estrada, Sanchez and Happ as the first three. Stroman should be the fourth starter according to the season that he is having right now.

Can Stroman regain the form he had last year this season?

Have a fantastic day!

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Blue Jays six man rotation compromise

The Toronto Blue Jays six man rotation is a great compromise to keep Aaron Sanchez as a starter. Sanchez has pitched 139.1 innings this season and the Jays management doesn’t want their young starter pitch over 220 innings this season. The key to keeping Sanchez under the 200 innings mark will be manager John Gibbons bringing in the bull pen after his starter completes six innings. The bull pen will need to get the remaining nine outs.

The Blue Jays have 53 games remaining, which means Aaron will start a minimum 8 more games if Toronto keeps the six man rotation for the remainder of the year. He averages six innings per start; therefore, add 48 to the 139.1 innings for a total of 187 innings for the season.

Russell Martin comments made during the Tim&Sid show that let management know he wasn’t happy with the decision to remove Sanchez from the starting rotation while the team is competing for a playoff spot. Team president Mark Shapiro had to come up with a compromise in order to keep his players and fans happy. The extra rest due to the addition of a starter should prevent Aaron from getting a sore forearm or shoulder tightness.

There are no guarantees this will work at least it will keep Sanchez as starter. The Jays will try this for a few weeks and may need to re-evaluate if the starters struggle with the extra day rest. The question that manager Gibbons, Sanchez and teammates were tired of hearing will finally stop for the time being.

The Blue Jays are now tied with the Baltimore Orioles for first place in the American League East. The Jays have played two more game than the Orioles, which explains the extra win and lose.

Have the Blue Jays resolved their problem?

Have a fantastic day!

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Westbrook signing extension saves OKC

Russell Westbrook signing an extension saves Oklahoma City Thunder franchise. He is reportedly singing a three year extension for $85 million dollars with a player option in the third year. The Thunder fans have hope for the future without Kevin Durant.

Head coach Billy Donovan has Steven Adams, Enes Kanter and Victor Oladipo to help out Westbrook. A few young players will have to make major contributions second year PG Cameron Payne and fourth year SG Andre Roberson will have to take on major roles to keep OKC in the playoff hunt. Rookie Domantas Sabonis will compete with Mitch McGary for the primary role as back-up center and power forward.

OKC fans can’t expect Payne, Roberson and Sabonis to contribute major minutes on a team competing for a playoff spot in the Western Conference because there are many loaded teams in the West. This list doesn’t include up and coming Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans. The Thunder will have a tough time finishing ahead of the last three teams mentioned.

The Thunder will have a tough time competing for a playoff to be knocked off in the first round. It would make a fabulous story if the Golden State Warriors played the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs. The hostility towards Durant and Warriors would be intense.

Oklahoma’s best chance for a great season will be two years from now if they end up in the NBA Lottery and are able to sign Blake Griffin.  This would be the best case scenario for the Thunder organization to be in contention again in their conference. Westbrook does have a player option for the third season, which gives the Thunder two season to surround him with a strong roster.

Sam Presti has temporarily resolved the biggest issue going into the NBA for the Thunder. Now OKC can concentrate on their future with a franchise player signed and Westbrook will help attract big name free agents to Oklahoma.

How many wins for OKC next season?

Have a fantastic day!

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