NFL Divisional Playoffs point spread picks

The 2016 NFL Wild Card weekend I was perfect 4 – 0. The last 2 regular season weeks I was 8 – 2 and a 4 – 0 Wild Card Weekend will be hard to keep up. Time to make the playoffs picks:

Seattle Seahawks versus the Atlanta Falcons – 5

The Seahawks will be playing against their former defensive coordinator. The Falcons are having a magical season where everything went well for them especially on the offensive end.

I believe the Seahawks defense will keep the game close because taking the 5 points doesn’t mean I believe the Seahawks will win. Russell Wilson is a winner and will find a way to make just enough plays to cover the spread. I’m hoping for a 24 – 20 final score.

Take the Seahawks + 5

Houston Texans against the New England Patriots – 15

The more than two TD point spread is to scare off the people who fear the huge spread.

The Pats will cover big spread despite Texans very good defense. The Texans QB Brock will not have a great performance and won’t score 20 points to cover the spread. The weather may also be a reason that may affect the Texans offense.

Take the Pats – 15

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Kansas City Chiefs – 1.5

The Steelers Big Ben in a walking boot not good. I was planning to take the Chiefs anyways because of their defense and Tyreek Hill.

Bell calling himself the Stephen Curry of the NFL was a bit much when he is about to face a top-tier defense. The Chiefs defense will limit Bell and Brown; therefore Ben will have to find a breakout star.

Take Chiefs – 1.5

Green Bay Packers against Dallas Cowboys – 4.5

The Packers Aaron Rodgers was amazing against the Giants defense. The Cowboys defense will have the help of their ball control offense. It is all about Elliot and Prescott using their legs to make plays and hopefully Bryant can make two deep plays.

Elliot had two weeks off to get ready for the heavy workload and Cowboys offensive line will dominant the Packers defensive line.

Take the Cowboys – 4.5

Good luck this weekend!

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NFL 2016 Playoffs African – American coaches and quarterbacks

The NFL playoffs started with two African – American head coaches and starting quarterbacks. This is impressive with so few African – American head coaches and starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Presently there are 5 African – American and 1 Latin American head coach in the NFL. Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh Steelers and Jim Caldwell Detroit Lions led their teams to the playoffs. The Lions were eliminated, but the Steelers were able to win and extend their season. Tomlin’s Steelers will be on the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs.

Vance Joseph was hired by the Denver Broncos. He is taking over a playoff quality team. Anthony Lynn will be interviewed by a few teams this week.

There are 32 NFL teams only 12 make the playoffs and two out of five African – American head coaches made it to the post-season that is a 40% percent success rate.

The season started with 8 African – American starting quarterbacks. Teddy Bridgewater had a season ending injury and didn’t start a game for the Minnesota Vikings. Colin Kaepernick didn’t start the season, but he did take over as the starter and started 12 games. I included both in the eight.

There are two out of eight starting African – American quarterbacks who are in the playoffs, which makes it a 31% success rate. Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks (won their wild card weekend game) and Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys will be playing this weekend.

The Division round has 8 teams with Tomlin, Wilson and Prescott representing the African – American community. It is still important to mention the success rate of African – Americans in leadership roles because the NFL is not equal opportunity.

Is the NFL an equal opportunity employer?

Good luck this weekend!

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Watson performance makes it tough on Browns

The Cleveland Browns will have a tough choice to make after the Clemson Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson performance on Monday Night against the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the NCAA National Champion was historic. He threw for 420 yards and rushed for 43 against a Bama defense that has at least five next NFL draft first round picks.

The Browns Hue Jackson were 1 – 15 and their fans will say they lost five games by six or fewer points. The number one quarterback will save the franchise. Absolutely not because the Browns are more than one player away from being a winning franchise. I believe the choice to trade the number one pick again this year would be the right thing to do if they can get a similar or better package than they got for giving up pick last year (Carson Wentz). Every quarterback who played for the Browns was hurt this season.

Does anybody believe if the Browns drafted Wentz would he have performed well behind a weak offensive line, no number one back and average WR unit? Once you have answered the question then you know what will be the best thing for the Browns. Coach Hue Jackson has the number 12 pick in the first round also with 33rd and 52nd in the second round. It is simple a trade must keep them in the top 12 and a late round pick to make it worth it.

This year the Browns will have to take a chance on some questionable character players who have huge talents instead of drafting good guys like they did last season with extra picks. The good character guys they picked don’t all have NFL talent have to again in trading the pick or drafting number one.

Coach Jackson should follow in the footsteps of Marvin Lewis when he built the Cincinnati Bengals through the draft patiently and found his QB Andy Dalton with the 35th pick. Dalton hasn’t won a playoff game, but gets his team in the playoffs. He has a 56 – 35 – 2 record as a starter during the season.

Should the Browns trade the number one pick?

Have a fantastic day!

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Watson best NCAA QB ever not Tebow

The Clemson Tigers Deshaun Watson performance on Monday Night against the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the NCAA National Champion was historic. He threw for 420 yards and rushed for 43 against a Bama defense that has at least five next NFL 2017 draft first round picks. The hits he took early in the game showed his resiliency to lead his team to victory.

Watson was not concentrating on one WR because four WR had more than 90 yards receiving: Hunter Renfrow 10 catches – 92 yards – 2 TD, Mike Williams 8 – 94 – 1, Jordan Leggett 7 – 95 and Deon Cain 5 – 94. Renfrow should get more credit for the tackle he made to save a TD when there was a fumble inside Tigers 30 yard line. His saving tackle gave the defense a chance to make a stand and only gave up 3 points.

This is the second straight National Title game in which Watson could not be stopped by the most dominating defense in the NCAA. Last season he threw for 405 yards and rushed for 73, which is the most total yards in championship game. Vince Young had the record when Texas beat the USC Trojans he totaled 467 yards (267 passing and 200 rushing). Watson will be the quarterback with two of the most total yards performances in a NCAA Title game against great Alabama defenses.

I don’t want to hear any more talk that Tim Tebow was the Greatest NCAA quarterback in their history. Yes, Tebow won two Heisman, but there is no denying the two performances by Watson in the Title games makes him the G.O.A.T. in NCAA history.

Watson was number 10 in the Mock Drafts by a few websites. Carson Wentz played at a Division 1AA school went number one and the Eagles gave up multiple picks to get him. Please tell me that Watson who manhandled two seasons in a row defenses with multiple first round picks on it will now be considered the number one pick.

Is Watson the number one pick in the draft?

Have a fantastic day!

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Can Raptors hold second seed?

The Toronto Raptors have a one game lead on the Boston Celtics for the number two seed in the Eastern Conference. Head coach Dwane Casey must feel good now because the hardest part of their schedule is over and his team is on pace to repeat or surpass a 56 win total.

The Raptors record against the four teams who are ahead of them is the only blemish is their record against the Cleveland Cavaliers (0 – 3) and Golden State Warriors (0 – 2), which are the teams they need to beat if they want to win an NBA title. Coach Casey’s team will have 1 more shot at the Cavaliers in April.

Somehow Toronto also could not beat the Sacramento Kings (0 – 2) this season.

Toronto are 1 – 1 against the Houston Rockets and lost to the San Antonio Spurs (0 – 1).  The Raptors have the fifth best record in the NBA now; they don’t have to play the Warriors anymore and one game left against, Cavs (April 12) and Spurs (January 24) for the rest of the season.

The Raptors beat the Boston Celtics in their only meeting so far. They will meet three more times to decide who will be the second seed and win the Atlantic Division title. January 10, 2017 will be the second game against Celtics. The Atlanta Hawks are the current fourth have already traded Kyle Korver and will move Paul Milsap before the trade deadline.

The number two seed will guarantee themselves home court advantage until they face the number one seed in the Eastern Conference Finals unless the Cavs lose beforehand then the Raptors or Celtics will have home court in Eastern Conference Finals.

The pressure will be on Masai Ujiri to make a trade to improve his roster. The Raptors record against top 4 opponents’ shows they may not be at the level of the top 3 teams who Cavs, Warriors and Spurs. I put Cavs first because they are in the Eastern Conference.

Can the Raptors keep the second seed without a trade?

Have a fantastic day!

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Giants Beckham needs to make plays

Odell Beckham Jr. is the media darling of the NFL and is all about seeking attention with his social media platform. The New York Giants organization needs to remind the super talented WR that his number one priority is to make plays in the game not the external no sense.

The Miami trip with the WR core with a picture on a yacht and the pre-game selfies with no shirt on in Green Bay before their playoff meeting. Everybody is looking for someone to blame in the media, social media and fans who will question his will to win and preparation.

On the first drive Beckham dropped a pass on the third and four yards to go that would have put the Giants in field goal range also give him team a first down. The sure handed WR later in the first quarter he let a ball go through his hands in the end zone.

Beckham ended the game with 4 catches and 28 yards with multiple dropped passes. He spent most of the game arguing for pass interference calls. The Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers focused on eliminating Beckham as an option for Eli Manning by double teaming the Giants star WR.

The final score Green Bay Packers 38 – Giants 13 confirms the embarrassing result. The point spread was Giants + 5.5; many people lost money and pools because of the poor performance of the Giants WR unit. Sterling Sheppard also dropped a TD pass. The Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys twice this season and were many prognosticators underdog pick to win the Super Bowl.

Manning played a great game despite the low quarterback rating. The Giants offense was the defense great one – quarter and a half. They were only up 6 – 0 despite dominating early. The Giants organization will have to challenge Beckham to improve his focus off the field next season.

Should Beckham get most of the blame for the loss?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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NFL Wild Card weekend point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record is 42 – 42 – 1 after Week 17. Last week I had a very good week, my record 4 – 1. The final 2 weeks I was 8 – 2 to finish at .500 for the season. Time to make the playoffs picks:

Oakland Raiders versus the Houston Texans – 3.5

The Raiders lost Derek Carr and back-up quarterback. Connor Cook has played in front of 60 000 fans when he played at Michigan State. Texans defensive coordinator will put heavy pressure on the rookie QB.

Brook Osweiler will win a playoff because of his defense not because of his skills.

Take Texans – 3.5

Detroit Lions against the Seattle Seahawks – 8

The Seahawks are 7 – 1 at home. The Seahawks playoff experience, better defense and quarterback play will be too much for the Lions. Nice pick – up by Seattle to sign Devin Hester to help out with the return team.

The spread is extremely high in order to tempt the bettors to take the Lions. Don’t be fooled.

Take the Seahawks – 8

Miami Dolphins versus the Pittsburgh Steelers – 10

The Dolphins can’t win by just running the ball 40 times.

The Steelers Big Ben, Bell and Brown will be too much for the Dolphins defense. The Steelers trio are rested and eager. Expect 31 – 10 game.

Take the Steelers – 10

N.Y. Giants against the Green Bay Packers – 4.5

The spreads is screaming take the Giants defense and 2 time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. The Packers DB are hurting, but the Giants offense only scored more than 20 points once in the last 5 games.

The Packers offense is getting healthy with the return of Cobb and Nelson is the hottest WR going into the playoffs. Rodgers will be able to score more than 20 against the Giants.

Take the Packers – 4.5

Good luck this weekend!

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Rousey no longer a legend

Many in sports social media were writing that Ronda Rousey could beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. and called her the best Female Athlete Ever instead of Serena Williams. Rousey was 12 – 0 with all her wins coming in dominate fashion.

Rousey’s camp believed her boxing had evolved to a point that she can abandon her best technique, which is the hip toss (Judo). The talk she can take o on Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match got to her head. Rousey made the mistake to stand and strike with Holly Holm who was a professional boxing and kick boxing champion. Amanda Nunes striking was also too much for Rousey.

The non-sense talk has stopped after knockout losses Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. Rousey has to seriously re-evaluate her MMA career. The bully is no longer feared with her aura of invincibility and legendary status has been stripped from the reason that the women’s division is a pay-per-view event.

The UFC and fans were anticipating the Super Fight between Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino and Rowdy Rousey will never materialize. Dana White will need to move his focus away from Rousey and make sure to promote the fighters who are working now. Holm hasn’t fought since she lost to Miesha Tate. Who will be Nunes next opponent?

Rousey has established a Brand that can move on to a lucrative acting career. The knockouts, broken jaw and concussions is not worth fighting and helping White make money. Ronda entourage need to help her move on from UFC.

Dana will definitely try to convince Rousey to fight again because it is great for the UFC when she is on a card.

Should Rousey continue her UFC career?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 17 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record is 38 – 41 – 1 after Week 16. Last week I had a very good week, my record 4 – 1. The final week will be tough to make up the three games to reach a .500 record. Time to make 5 new picks:

Baltimore Ravens versus the Cincinnati Bengals (PK)

The Ravens are the better team and will e inspired to play well because it may be Steve Smith’s last game. The Bengals are without three of their key offensive players.

Take Ravens PK

Carolina Panthers against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5)

The Panthers have pride and former MVP Newton. Even though they were blown out last week, I will take them again this week. The Bucs are not at a level they should be favoured by 5.5.

Take the Panthers +5.5

Oakland Raiders versus the Denver Broncos (- 2.5)

The Broncos have many players who were Super Bowl Champions last year. Denver’s pride, defense and strong running game should be enough to win.

Take the Broncos – 2.5

Kansas City Chiefs against the San Diego Chargers (+6.5)

Division rivals playing in a game where only one team needs the victory. Chiefs need to win the division to get a bye week.

Take the Chiefs – 6.5

Cleveland Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers (- 7.5)

The Steelers will not play Big Ben, Bell and Brown; therefore their offense should be below average in a low scoring game. The Browns will play hard to win another game this season.

Take the Browns + 7.5

Good luck this weekend!

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Bradshaw Steelers Tomlin cheerleader

The former 4 time Super Bowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw who now works for Fox Sports decided to draw attention to himself for the wrong reasons. Calling Steelers current Head coach Mike Tomlin a great cheerleader by Bradshaw was unnecessary and just stupid.

Tomlin seven times in his 10 years as the head coach of the Steelers; his teams won over 10 games and won 5 division titles. When you think about head coaches and quarterbacks who are successful who comes to mind: the Patriots Bill Belichick and Tom Brady (17 years and 4 – 2 Super Bowl record), Packers Mike McCartney and Aaron Rodgers (11 years and 1 -0 Super Bowl record), Ravens John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco (9 years and 1 – 0 Super Bowl record) and Seahawks Pete Carrol and Russell Wilson (5 years and 1 – 1 Super Bowl record).

Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger have been together since 2007 and have a 1 – 1 Super Bowl record.  His team also lost twice in Divisional Championship games.

The Steelers fired the great defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau and Troy Polamalu retired. Head Coach had to replace LeBeau and Polamalu during the same off-season. It was a major change to the Steelers defense.

Tomlin’s offense also went from the power running run first team to the passing first option. The head coach has to give his input on the decisions in terms of philosophy of offense, defense and special teams.

Tomlin is the eight head coach in NFL history to get 100 wins within 10 years. The list is in the link attached: .

I loved the fact Tomlin referred to the Dallas Cowboys Thomas Henderson in his response to Bradshaw comments.

Bradshaw disrespect of one of the most successful African-American football head coaches in NFL history was not necessary and when the apology from Bradshaw will be made that many will tell him to stick it.

Is Tomlin a great coach or a cheerleader?

Have a fantastic day!

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