Blue Jays owe BC fans

The Toronto Blue Jays seemed to be at home when they played the Seattle Mariners in Seattle. The vast majority of the fans were wearing Blue Jays paraphernalia. Toronto needed their support to win a vital series, which they did two games to one. Many of the Blue Jays fans in attendance were from British Columbia. The Blue Jays organization owe their B.C. fans some love for coming out in huge numbers to watch the games in Seattle.

The Blue Jays must have felt at home despite hitting in the top of the innings. Mariner game 3 starter King Felix Hernandez was very demonstrative that is was the Mariners house after getting the last out in the seventh inning. The Mariners have no chance at catching the Blue Jays due to the series win. They were able to use the momentum and return home to face the New York Yankees in a four game series.

The Blue Jays despite a poor performance in the last game of the Yankees series. The Jays were able to win three out of four and keep the first Wild Card spot going into their three game series against the Baltimore Orioles. Manager John Gibbon’s team also hold the tie breaker with the Orioles.

The Yankees have been officially eliminated after being dominated by the Blue Jays in my books. New York is five games out with six remaining. Absolutely no way are they going to make the playoffs this season. The young Yankees team will be in the playoffs within two years..

The Blue Jays have a simple task, which is not to get swept by the Orioles. The Blue Jays are in control of their destiny and need to win one game to be guaranteed minimum a tie with the Orioles after the final game between them this season September 29, 2016. The magic number could be 88 and 89 wins to get the Wild Card spots this season.

The Boston Red Sox are one win away from being crowned American League East Champion.

Can the Blue Jays keep their Wild Card spot?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Rookie quarterbacks dominating

The NFL rookie quarterbacks are dominating this season so far by accumulating wins. Philadelphia Eagles first round pick Carson Wentz and first year starter Denver Broncos Trevor Siemian are undefeated. The New England Patriots are 3 – 0 during Tom Brady’s suspension by using two different first time NFL starters.

Player Team Record
Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles 3 – 0
Trevor Siemian Denver Broncos 3 – 0
Jimmy Garoppolo New England Patriots 2 – 0
Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys 2 – 1
Jacoby Brissett New England Patriots 1 – 0
Cody Kessler Cleveland Browns 0 – 1


Cowboys lost by 1 point to the New York Giants for their only lost with Prescott at quarterback. Browns FG kicker missed a kick on the last play of the game to beat the Miami Dolphins; therefore prevented Kessler’s first win. The first time starters are 11 – 2 so far this season. Many teams are afraid to play young quarterbacks and many times start an average player who has experience instead. The Broncos would definitely not be 3 – 0 if Mark Sanchez was the starter.

There are a few QB that I’m tired of seeing as starters: Jay Cutler, Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Fitzpatrick to name a few. The Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets need to cut the rope by mid-season if they are not in contention for a playoff spot. The Bears and Dolphins don’t have a young quarterback to groom. The Jets need to find out if Geno Smith or Bryce Petty can do before the next NFL Draft.

More teams should play the best quarterback after the pre-season. The Seattle Seahawks gave the starting quarterback job to third round pick Russell Wilson instead of high-priced free agent Matt Flynn. Wilson has started in two Super Bowls and won one in the first four years of his career.

Can the rookie quarterbacks keep this winning pace?

Have a fantastic day!

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Newton needs to step-up

The African-American NFL 2015 MVP needs to understand due to his race he has extra responsibility. Spiderman’s uncle said it best, “With great power comes great responsibility”. On a football field Cam Newton is like a Super Hero because he has a combination: size, speed and strong arm. He scores very high in each category. Newton will beat all NFL quarterbacks in at least two categories. Newton pretends to ripe his jersey open like Superman whenever he scores a TD.

Cam has to realize Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady don’t have to answer questions about African-American struggles. Many of his fellow starting quarterbacks only answer questions about football in terms of performance, team and results (winning or losing). As an African-American quarter and NFL MVP who stirred the pot last year during a Super Bowl press conference with his comment, “I’m an African-American QB that may scare a lot of people with unique skills.”

We don’t see Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater or RG III press conferences about social justice or comments about the protest by Colin Kaepernick. Wilson in terms of playoffs success is a big name, but he is not MVP nor played in last year’s Super Bowl.

Newton is second to Warren Moon as the greatest African-American quarterback to ever play in the NFL. Moon was enshrined in both the NFL and CFL Hall-of-Fame. There have been many great African-American quarterbacks who had and will continue to have success in the NFL. Donovan McNabb played in Conference Finals and lost in the Super Bowl. Doug Williams and Russell Wilson have won a Super Bowl a starter. Wilson played in Back-to-Back Super Bowls. Kaepernick also started and lost in the Super Bowl.

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton is trying his best to not any statements that may upset the majority of the American population. He used word like embarrassing (reaction to video) and we (African-American) as a community have to be better. We don’t have enough information right now.

He appeased the White Americans by also saying we (African-Americans) have to be better. Black on Black violence is a huge problem in America. Newton should realize the major reason there is so much violence in inner cities is a lack of opportunities. The inner city education is not the same level as the high schools in the suburbs or private schools. The higher rate of suspensions and lower expectation for the African-American student compared to their White counterparts. Employment opportunities which many people get through people they know; therefore, they have a higher rate. African-Americans don’t have the same opportunities to get middle to upper middle class jobs.

The high rate of incarceration of African-Americans. We have seen a judge be charged for sending people to jails in order to receive money from super jail owners:  and prisoners who are paid 40 cents an hour for their labour:  (modern day chain gangs). The African-American communities were severely impacted by these policies and individuals.

Those words are often used by Tea Party type people who want to eliminate affirmative action and say if you work hard you would be successful. America would not be a force economically since the 1800’s if it wasn’t for the free labour (Slavery). Mr. Newton please avoid making such comments without mentioning education and jobs would be valuable means to help struggling communities.

Now the pressure has risen with the Charlotte Riots happening as the Panthers are preparing for a home game this weekend. Newton you are a Super Hero to many and right now you must decide how you will use your great power.

Is it fair for African-American athletes having to answer social issue questions?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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NFL Week 3 free point spread picks

My week 3 five point spread picks will based on very good teams who were in the playoffs last year. Also I have one young squad. The Week 2 record 2 – 4, was another terrible one for me. The Jets and Saints covered. The Dolphins +6.5 was a heartbreaking loss. My three other picks aren’t worth talking about. My overall record right now is 3 – 8.

Houston Texans versus the New England Patriots (+1)

Please don’t tell me the Patriots will have three wins during Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension? Texans defense is loaded and will pressure third string quarterback Brisset into some turnovers. Jacoby Brissett will be making his first start against a top 5 defense.

Take Texans – 1

Arizona Cardinals against the Buffalo Bills (+4.5)

The Cardinals looked good last week and recovered their mojo. The Bills fired offensive coordinator and are in turmoil. The Bills defense will be facing a much better offense than the Jets. Cards in a blowout.

Take Cards – 4.5

New York Jets versus the Kansas City Chiefs (-3)

The Chiefs are a very good home team. The Jets are great at keeping games close and not winning the game. Their defense didn’t look good last week against the Bills. Andy Reid will have a great game plan and Chiefs win.

Take the Chiefs – 3

Pittsburgh Steelers against the Philadelphia Eagles (+3.5)

The Steelers will burst the Carson Wentz and Eagles bubble this week. Big Ben and Antonio Brown will be the difference makers. The Steelers defense has improved dramatically this season with the improved play of the linebackers. Wentz presence will guarantee the Steelers will not look ahead.

Take the Steelers – 3.5

Baltimore Ravens versus the Jacksonville Jaguars (+1.5)

The Jaguars is a team I expected to be better this season. They played one good and one terrible game. The home field and crowd noise will help them get first win. Ravens won two games against mediocre teams.

Take the Jaguars +1.5

Good luck this weekend!

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Kaepernick protest confirmation continues

Colin Kaepernick and NFL players who are protesting Police brutality towards African-American have two more incidents to add to their list of complaints. A man shot in Tulsa and prisoner dies of dehydration. I would like to see African-Americans who are not protesting asked why they are not?

An unarmed African-American, Terence Crutcher male was shot in Tulsa. The CBS post give details of the fatal incident:

A mentally ill African-American inmate, Terrill Thomas died of dehydration while spending nine days in jail in Milwaukee:

The incidents are rising, but police officers are not losing their jobs and sent to jail for their actions. The police officer who shot and killed the father of four in Tulsa will be on a paid leave of absence. The media scrutiny will be at an all-time high due to the protest by the NFL players. The NBA pre-season will begin soon and I hope many will join in the protest.

The Police departments have paid the families of Sandra Bland ($1.9 million dollars) and Freddie Gray ($6.4 million dollars) despite the fact none of the Police officers being convicted of any wrong doing. The big payments are not enough because the perpetrators still are wearing a uniform and carrying a gun. The latest incidents will once again cost the City Police departments a lot of money. Will any officers go to jail for their actions?

These will not be the last incidents, but the media will take a closer look due to the fact it is the most popular topic right now in the USA. The Presidential election has taken a back-seat to the protest started by San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick. Black Lives Matter group started the movement and NBA stars speaking at the ESPY’s may have inspired Colin to act.

Will the NBA players follow suit?

Have a fantastic day!

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Blue Jays playoff spot

The Toronto Blue Jays hold on the second Wild Card spot could be lost by the end of their series against the Seattle Mariners. They could still have the spot as long as they don’t get swept by the Mariners. The three game series between them could decide who holds the last playoff spot at the end of the week. The Mariners are 8 – 2 in their last 10 games, while the Jays are 4 – 6. The two teams are going in different directions. The Detroit Tigers potentially could be the team in the second Wild Card spot at the end of the Blue Jays and Mariners series.

The Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners will battle for one Wild Card spot. The Blue Jays have an opportunity to play both the Mariners and Orioles before the season ends. Toronto control their own destiny and don’t need to worry about scoreboard watching.

Manager John Gibbons still hasn’t been able to get his team out of their slump, due to the many injuries and slumping players (offensively and defensively). Gibbons will have to show that he can guide his team to the playoffs despite the injuries. The Blue Jays have a strong fan base in Seattle. It could really help the Toronto players win the series and keep their hopes alive.

The Detroit Tigers have a three game series against the Minnesota Twins. The Tigers need to sweep the worst team in the MLB. The Tiger have a very friendly schedule because they will end against the Atlanta Braves who have the second worst record in the MLB. The Tigers should be able to take one of the Wild Card spots because of the six games against the Twins and Braves. The Tigers offense will get a chance to pad their statistics against young pitchers with an inflated ERA and lacking experience to handle Detroit’s veteran hitters.

Who will be the Wild Card teams in the American League?

Have a fantastic day!

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Baseball is a white man sport

Adam Jones was asked why MLB didn’t follow in Colin Kaepernick protest? MLB is a majority White at every level: ownership, management, players and fans. Jones is correct on the status of the game right now.

I believe the two main reasons that African-American kids play baseball anymore is due the long process to learn the sport and many years in the minor league system. The kids can see that NBA players only need to play 1 basketball season in the NCAA, go to the draft and immediately play in the league. No minor league stint for 5 years. The basketball players also have the option to go to Europe or D-League and be paid.

NFL players only play 2 NCAA season, get drafted and immediately are professional players. They also have the CFL or Arena Football League. No minor league stints. The NFL my see a drop in African-American players due to the concussion, physical injuries and short career.

Instant gratification causes many to realize that the fastest way to a professional league and big contracts is NFL and NBA. Now we see Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson chose baseball over football. They didn’t have to go to the minor leagues and both were starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowls early in their careers instead of tolling in the MLB minor leagues. Their seasons are much shorter than the 162 game season for the MLB. A baseball season is a grind and players go to the Winter Leagues for extra income.

The second reason could be that the kids are forced to pick their sport of choice by the age 13 or 14 years old because the players play all-year round. This has dramatically reduced the participation of multi-sport athletes who would play baseball when they weren’t playing basketball or football. We no longer see players like Dave Winfield, Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson who were tremendous multi-sport athletes who decided to choose baseball.

There are only 7% African-American players and two African-American manager in the MLB. There 24% Latin players and many see baseball as a means to get an opportunity to be rich. Latin players from the Dominican only have baseball as a sport they can depend on to be rich. African-American kids have NBA and NFL.

Will the numbers of African-American in the MLB increase?

Have a fantastic day!

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Blue Jays playoff hopes are minuscule

The Toronto Blue Jays hopes are minuscule with the injuries, hitting slumps, poor pitching and losing 4 straight series. Manager John Gibbons needs to motivate his players, find a batting line-up that will score runs and hope the inter-division play will keep the Red Sox and Orioles close to the Jays.

The Jays have a four games against the Los Angeles Angels and three versus the Seattle Mariners. The fact Toronto is not playing within could help them finally win a few games and be a factor in the playoff race. Right now the Jays hold the second Wild Card spot.

A major factor in the Blue Jays demise will be injuries to their stars players: Josh Donaldson playing with a bad hip, Marco Estrada with a herniated disk and Jose Bautista is also playing hurt. The Blue Jays don’t have enough role players who can step in to fill the offensive void if Donaldson and Bautista miss some games; therefore, they both must play hurt.

The last three series New Yankees, Baltimore and Boston Red Sox may not mean much without winning 3 out of 4 against the Angeles. Gibbons could be managing for his job because a late season collapse could give President Mark Shapiro a reason to fire Blue Jays manager. The Jays manager must be more aggressive to help his team by calling hit and run or mix his batting line-up until he finds a winning combination.

Shapiro should be taking more blame for the late season collapse because he didn’t add real value to the team that can help the Blue Jays make a strong late season run. Melvin Upton Jr. has been a non-factor (.208) and Nelson Liriano has been inconsistent during his time in a Blue Jays uniform.

Can the Blue Jays get a playoff spot?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 2 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season Week 1 record 1 – 4, was a terrible one for me. The Bengals and Packers won, but didn’t cover the spread. The Panthers lost the game outright and my worst pick was the Browns. The Bucs saved me from the goose egg.

Week 2 gives me an opportunity to improve my record. I will give you six picks this week instead of five. Let us begin.

New York Jets versus the Buffalo Bills (-1)

The Jets defense despite a loss to the Bengals last week still sacked Dalton 8 times. The Jets loss twice to the Bills last season. Bills play calling was really conservative and Watkins may not be full strength.

Take the Jets – 1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Arizona Cardinals (-7)

The Bucs offense looked great last week, while the Cards offense seemed ineffective. The spread is a touchdown because everybody is expecting a rebound game from Cards. Who is the better quarterback this weekend?

Take the Bucs + 7

Jacksonville Jaguars versus the San Diego Chargers (-3)

The Chargers lost their best WR Keenan Allen and wasted a big lead against the Chiefs last week. Can the Jags play a 60 minute game this week? The Jags have too many playmakers and may win game.

Take the Jags + 3

New Orleans Saints against the New York Giants (-4.5)

The Giants defense is still a question mark? They beat a Cowboys team that moved the ball very well against them.  Brees will finish drives with TD. It will be a high scoring game because Saints defense may be worst.  Giants not good at keeping a lead.

Take the Saints +4.5

Miami Dolphins versus the New England Patriots (-7)

The Dolphins defensive line is the reason I will take them (Suh, Wake and Mario Williams). The Patriots shocked the Cards last week. If Dolphins want a chance to win the Division then they must win this game.

Take Dolphins + 7

Atlanta Falcons against the Oakland Raiders (-4.5)

The only pick I won last week was taking the Bucs; the Falcons defense gave up 31 points to them. The Raiders offense is much better, confident and defense is much better than the Falcons.

Take the Raiders – 4.5

This is a new betting week and should be a better one.

Good luck this weekend!

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Panthers Rivera must protect Newton

The Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera must protect Cam Newton by calling out the lack of calls for head shots received by his starting quarterback. September 2015 Ed Hochuli apparently told the Panthers quarterback, “Cam you’re not old enough to get that call.” Newton wanted a roughing the passer call.

Week 1 game against the Super Bowl Champions Denver Broncos, everybody saw Thursday Night that Newton took four helmet-to-helmet contact and only one was flagged for unnecessary roughness. Gene Steratore was the head referee and his number one job is to protect the high priced quarterback. The majority of the NFL quarterbacks in the league would have seen the yellow flag and get 15 yards for every one of the head shots. The only hit that was called was this one:

I have seen Tom Brady turn and complain to the referee for unnecessary roughness call after being hit on the helmet with a hand when a defender tried to knock the ball out of Brady’s hand. The NFL will have to explain how only one out of four blow to the head was called for unnecessary roughness.

Head coach Rivera must not worry about the fine and verbally abuse the refereeing crew for not doing their job. Panthers coach needs to protect his quarterback by calling out the lack calls for helmet hits Newton received. The 2015 NFL MVP was abused to the point that many people including myself felt Newton should have been removed from the game when he got ear holed on the last drive. He seem to get slower and slower after every big shot he took.

The questions no one can ask the referees is why Newton doesn’t get the same treatment as other superstar quarterbacks in the NFL? Is it because his personality is so big and in your face; is he getting the Shaq treatment that he is so big and strong the referee believes he can take it; is it because he embarrassed Ed Hochuli two years ago or does it have to do with race?

The NFL will probably fine a few Broncos players and apologize for the missed calls.

Why doesn’t Newton get the same protection as his colleagues?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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