TWolves win Butler trade

The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and number seven pick to the Chicago Bulls for Jimmy Butler and the seventeenth pick. Congratulation Tom Thibodeau he dramatically improved his roster without trading Andrew Wiggins or Karl-Anthony Towns.

Butler will be the undisputed leader of the Timberwolves and gives them a player who can help them protect leads late in games. Coach Thibodeau’s team blew double-digit leads multiple times last season. The Timberwolves are a playoff team if everybody is healthy. Wiggins is more of a Robin than a Batman; bringing in Butler as Batman will help Wiggins’ growth. Towns will continue being a dominate scorer.

The Bulls are taking a big chance because LaVine is recovering from a knee injury.  He is the key to the trade in terms of scoring, defending and being a leader. Dunn is a solid point guard with All-star potential and Lauri Markkanen is the best shooting big man in the Draft. The Bulls got inexpensive replacements for now. Dwayne Wade won’t finish the next season with the Bulls.

Minnesota is looking for immediate success and obtaining Butler has speed up the process for making the playoffs. Big win for Coach Thibodeau. The Justin Patton pick give them a seven-foot athlete who can guard multiple positions. Butler will be in the locker room from Day 1 will make it easier to finish strong and make a run at the playoffs.

Are the TWolves a playoff team next season?

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Kings Divac second best team NBA Draft night

The Sacramento Kings Vlade Divac had the second best night by any team in the NBA Draft. The number five pick De’Aaron Fox can’t miss prospect. Then trade the number ten pick for the number fifteen and twenty was an excellent move. The picks are Justin Jackson an NCAA Champion and Harry Gilles a player if healthy could be a steal at number twenty. The Kings also have the thirty-fourth pick in the Draft. All three picks played for winning programs Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke.

The second round pick if Josh Hart is available take him. Hart won an NCAA Championship two years ago, is a mature player and has leadership ability.

The Kings have Willie Cauly-Stein (23), Buddy Hield (23) and Skai Labissiere (21) already on the roster. The three picks and three young players already on the roster is the foundation for playoff runs for years to come. The six players must play and get their experience playing not watching over the hill Rudy Gay. Ben McLemore will never be an All-star just trade him or buy him out. Make room for the drafted rookies to get as many minutes as possible. Aaron Afflalo veteran leadership needed in the locker room for the first-half of the season to help the kids develop and then move him at the trade deadline.

Divac should keep two or three veterans on the roster early in the season and move them at trade deadline unless they are battling for a playoff spot. The Kings goal for next season to get the six kids to get a lot of minutes, game experience and give the coaches a chance to evaluate the talent.

Did Divac redeem himself on Draft night?

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Lakers trade Russell means PG pick

The Los Angeles Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov for Brooke Lopez and the 27th pick. This guarantees that the Lakers will pick a point guard with the number two pick. Lonzo Ball may get his wish to play for the Lakers.

Magic Johnson first trade is an excellent one by getting an expiring contract of Lopez and remove Russell from the locker room. Russell’s incident with Nick Young his rookie season is something that lingered for a long-time and eliminates the former Lakers point guard as a possible team leader.

The point guard that the Lakers first pick could be Ball or Jayson Tatum from Duke. No one will know the pick until Thursday. Ball is the social media darling to end up in his home town.

The Lakers have the number two, twenty-seven and twenty-eighth pick in the NBA Draft. Their scouts must find a few solid players who might be solid players late in the first round. Many players in the NBA became future stars picked in the late rounds: Draymond Green (35th) and Jimmy Butler (30th) to name a few.

Paul George has already advised the Indiana Pacers that he won’t resign with them and would like to join the Lakers. Magic will use his fame and try to attract a few more free agents to L.A. for them to contend and relevant again.

Can the Lakers acquire George this season without giving up the number two pick overall? The Pacers can’t keep George going into the season knowing he won’t resign with the team. Johnson must take advantage of the Pacers.

Will the Lakers draft Ball and get George through trade?

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Sixers and Celtics trade one-sided

The Philadelphia Sixers Bryan Colangelo made a trade with the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge that will make or break their franchises next three season. Colangelo believes Markelle Fultz is the next Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant to give up a number three pick overall and the Los Angeles Lakers number one pick which is unprotected, therefore it could be a number one to ten. The Lakers won’t be a playoff team again next season which guarantees a top 10 pick most likely.

Many NBA experts believe Fultz is clearly the number one pick. The next two to ten picks are all close in what they can bring to a team. They are a mix or point guards, shooting guards and small forwards. The number three pick in the NBA Draft is a player who can contribute immediately to their organization and the Celtics may receive another top ten pick next year makes this trade a clear win for the Celtics.

The Sixers organization are betting that Fultz is the missing piece to the young nucleus. He can help them make the playoffs next season. The fans no longer wants their team to tank; they want to see their team make the playoffs and be competitive next season.

The Sixers finished 13 games out of a playoff spot last season. Can the Sixers make-up those games only by signing Fultz? Joel Embiid is really the key to making the playoffs because he only played 31 games last season. Simmons didn’t play one game last season. His health and play making ability will also be vital.

The Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls aren’t sure what they will do with their franchise players: Paul George and Jimmy Butler? The Toronto Raptors must decide to resign Kyle Lowry? Those are three of the eight playoff teams in the Eastern Conference.

The Sixers signed players for next season: . The Sixers head coach Brett Brown will have to decide on the rotation and starters for next season that gives them the best chance to win. Embiid, Fultz, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Nik Stauskas, T.J. McConnell and Jahill Okafor. The Eastern Conference isn’t a strong one; the Sixers can be immediate contenders if Fultz and Simmons are great players. Neither one can just be good; they must be great.

Is Fultz worth a number three and next year top ten?

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Mayweather Jr. vs McGregor good businessmen

The Las Vegas August 26, 2017 must see boxing fight in for some between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Connor McGregor. The biggest trash talkers in the fighting business will offer more entertainment at the press conferences, social media chatter back and forth one liner than the actual fight.

The fight between a boxing legend and a MMA fighter will make a lot of money because of the perceived bad blood, Mayweather Jr. undefeated, race factor (Black vs White), the Great White Hope, McGregor’s ability to talk himself into the biggest fight of his life, McGregor’s punchers chance to win and a MMA fighting in one discipline.

The 154 pound weight will give McGregor a chance to use his power to land a big shot that may shock the world. Everybody knows if it goes 12 rounds Mayweather wins. McGregor isn’t undefeated as an MMA fighter 21 – 3 with 18 KOs. He can talk a huge game about his abilities as a fighter.

Mayweather Jr. will make money as a fighter and his promotional company Mayweather Promotion will also make money. Mayweather’s 49 – 0 is on the line, his ability to defend and move will frustrate McGregor for twelve rounds. The African-American boxer has won 47% of his recent fights by decision with only 26 KOs to his record. Many of the KOs came early in his career.

Mayweather Jr., McGregor and Dana White are all savvy business men who will promote and make people believe McGregor will win this one sided fight. McGregor and White will be able to get the biggest pay-day of their careers. Mayweather may not make as much as he did in past fights, but there is a very good chance he makes more than $100 Million Dollars.

The only boxing fight I want to see is Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (Triple G). Triple G first has to beat Canelo Alvarez. Triple G is 37 – 0 with 33 KOs. He may have the power and stamina to give Mayweather Jr. a challenge.

Is Mayweather Jr. and McGregor a Super Fight or Super Trash Talk?

Source: for boxing records

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LeBron never played on Super Team

LeBron James said, “I don’t believe I’ve played for a Super Team. I don’t in that.” I agree with his statement. The teams that LeBron played with Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t Super Teams. The fact he played in seven straight NBA Finals representing the Eastern Conference.

The Heat had a great Big 3 with LeBron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh who were able to go to four straight NBA Finals. The Heats record was 2 – 2 with LeBron leading the way. The Spurs were up late and Gregg Popovich took Tim Duncan out of the game late. This lead to Bosh getting rebound and hitting Ray Allen for the winning three-point shot. The Heat could have easily lost three. A .500 record in the Finals is not Super Team material.

LeBron moved to Cleveland and encouraged the team to trade for Kevin Love and keep Kyrie Irving. The Cavaliers Big 3 played in three consecutive NBA Finals versus the Golden State Warriors. The Cavs are 1 – 2; not a Super Team numbers. They lost to the Warriors Super Team.

LeBron 3 – 4 NBA Finals record with two very good teams, but not super teams. Wade, Bosh, Irving and Love have never won an NBA MVP Award. Wade won a NBA Finals MVP in 2006, which was four years before LeBron joined him. LeBron won four NBA MVP awards 2009, 10, 12 and 13.

The Warriors are a Super Team because Stephen Curry was NBA MVP 2015 and 2016 while Kevin Durant won it in 2014. They won the previous three MVPs; they are playing together at their peak. The Warriors also have Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and 2015 NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. All three are members of the Warriors team that played in three straight NBA Finals.

LeBron has never played with a Super Team. The five Warriors players mentioned confirms that no roster that LeBron has played with were never at their level. The Warriors 16 – 1 record in the 2017 NBA playoffs with many of the victories by double digits also confirms their power.

Do you agree LeBron never played on a Super Team?

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Warriors Splash Brothers win a second title

The Splash Brothers win their second title, but the nickname is no longer has the same meaning. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are no longer a Dynamic Duo. The nickname hasn’t been mentioned anymore since the arrival of Kevin Durant. Durant and Curry are high volume shooters; the field goal attempts by Thompson would naturally drop.

Thompson went from being the second most important player on the Golden State Warriors roster to the fourth. Draymond Green is more valuable because of his interior presence and triple double abilities. Thompson is the Warriors best wing defender and he will guard the opponents’ best offensive player. He has accepted his role and won a second title.

Which player you would rather be today?

An extremely well paid for the next three seasons ($23 112 004, $24 107 258 and $25 102 512) and a focal point of the Dallas Mavericks offense Harrison Barnes. He won a ring with the Warriors and played in back-to-back NBA Finals. Or Thompson three straight NBA Finals, two NBA Championships and is under contract for two more years ($17 826 150.00 and $18 988.75).

How the Warriors handle the two contract negotiations for Durant and Curry will decide Thompson’s role on the Warriors? Durant may opt out of his contract and Curry is a free agent. The shooting guard would love to have his job back as the second most important player on the team and shot the ball more often.

The Warriors season goal to win an NBA Championship has been accomplished. Now can the team sign both or at least one their former NBA regular season MVP winners. Durant may need to take a pay cut if he wants to win more titles.

Who would you rather be Barnes ($$$) or Thompson (second title)?

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Black player wins Stanley Cup 2017

The Black player who won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins again this season is Trevor Daley. The Black defenseman who I expected to win was P.K. Subban. He will have to wait another season. Daley back-to-back Stanley Cup wins makes him the second Black player to do so. Hall of Fame goalie Grant Fuhr did it twice with the Edmonton Oilers.

Player Cup totals Cup years Team
Grant Fuhr 5 1984, 85, 87 88, 90 Edmonton Oilers
Pokey Reddick 1 1990 Edmonton Oilers
Dustin Byfuglien 1 2010 Chicago Blackhawks
Johnny Oduya 2 2013, 15 Chicago Blackhawks
Trevor Daley 1 2016, 17 Pittsburgh Pnguins


The Stanley Cup winning team had at least one Black player five times since 2010. This will soon be a yearly occurrence because half of the 32 NHL teams will have at least one Black player on the roster If P.K. Subban younger brothers make it to NHL next season.

The list of Black players in the NHL: Trevor Daley (Penguins), Seth Jones (Blue Jackets), T.J. Brown (Lightning), Wayne Simmonds (Philadelphia Flyers), Joshua Ho-Sang (New York Islanders) and Kyle Okposo (Buffalo Sabres) in the Eastern Conference. Malcolm Subban (Boston Bruins) could be back-up goalie next season.

The Western Conference has Johnny Oduya, (Chicago Blackhawks), Chris Stewart and Matthew Dumba (Minnesota Wild), Ryan Reaves (St. Louis Blues), P.K. Subban (Nashville Predators), Dustin Byfuglien (Winnipeg Jets), Darnell Nurse (Edmonton Oilers), Joel Ward (San Jose Sharks), Max Domi and Anthony Duclair (Arizona Coyotes) and Jordan Subban (Vancouver Canucks).

A few Black players lost in the Stanley Cup Finals: Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames), Joel Ward (San Jose Sharks), J.T. Brown (Tampa Bay Lightning) and P.K. Subban (Nashville Predators).

Black NHL players have progressed and are getting opportunities to play in the NHL, make All-star teams, represent their country (at Olympics and World Junior Tournament) and Iginla will be the Inducted into the Hall of Fame at the end of his career. I have seen many little Black hockey players with the number 76 on their team jackets.

Will the Stanley Cup winning team have a Black player again next season?

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Predators – Penguins Game 6

The Nashville Predators need to win Game 6 before worrying about Pekka Rinne play in Pittsburgh. The Predators are 10 – 1 at home and 2 – 0 in the Finals. Head coach Peter Laviolette must get his team focussing on one game at a time. Remind his players not to talk about Game 7 and only answer questions about Game 6.

Ryan Ellis health is a concern because now the Big 4 is reduced to a Big 3. This means more minutes for the top 3 defensemen: P.K. Subban, Roman Josi and Mattias Elkholm. Matt Irwin and Yannick Webber minutes will go up, which could lead to more scoring opportunities for the Penguins forwards.

The Predators fans are still waiting for Filip Forsberg the leading goal scorer to dominate a game offensively against an average Penguins defense. Mike Fisher and James Neal must score a few times to give the Predators a chance in Game 6.

Rinne will be great in Nashville once again. He will get his team to Game 7 in Pittsburgh that all he must focus on going into Sunday. He is the Predators MVP and must play like one.

The Penguins got production from their top forwards. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel. They are the reason Rinne has looked awful in Pittsburgh. The Penguins are in the driver’s seat because they have two opportunities to win the Cup that is why the Game 5 usually wins the Stanley Cup.

The Predators players will give their fans one more reason to cheer and leave Bridgestone arena happy. I can’t see the Predators winning Game 7 on the road with Rinne history of failure in Pittsburgh’s arena.

Let me first cheer on the Predators to win Game 6.

Will the Predators win Game 6?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Warriors not undefeated 2017 playoffs

The Golden State Warriors won’t be undefeated this playoffs season. The Cleveland Cavaliers had a record-breaking 49 points first quarter to win their first game and now they are down 3 – 1. The Cavs lead form beginning to end for the first time in the Finals. The Warriors Super Team finally lost.

The Warriors only player who scored in Game 4 was the free agent signing Kevin Durant who scored 35 points and no other player scored over 20 points. The Warriors next three best scorers were: Draymond Green 16 points, Stephen Curry 14 and Klay Thompson 13.

The Warriors plus/minus leaders Curry – 25, Durant – 22 and Green – 19 had the worse plus/minus in Game 4. Curry (2 for 9) and Thompson (4 for 10) were a combined six for 19 from behind the arc was out of character and won’t happen again.

The Cavs did the NBA and television networks a favour by winning Game four and extending the Finals to at least 5. Commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t want to answer questions about the Warriors Super Team going undefeated. The networks get an extra game to sell advertisements and commercials.

The Cavs Big 3 all scored more than 20 points in the same game, which is the main reason they finally won a game: LeBron James (31), Kyrie Irving (40) and Kevin Love (23). They beat the Warriors entire team from the three-point line 16 – 11. Tristan Thompson finally showed up with a 10 rebounds, 5 points and assists also J.R. Smith five three pointers made. The Cavs starting five were all very good.

The Warriors will definitely win the series because they won’t lose four games straight games. The Cavs were able to win one, but three more games in a row? Not happening this season. The splash Brothers Curry and Thompson will play better next game.

Will the Cavs win Game 5?

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