NFL Week 13 point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record is 29 – 32 after Week 12. It was a winning week with a 3 – 2 record. My two losses were heartbreakers with Raiders blowing a huge lead and Seahawks not scoring a TD against the Bucs. Time to make 5 new picks:

Dallas Cowboys versus the Minnesota Vikings (+3)

The Cowboys have a 10 game winning streak, while the Vikings can’t wait for the season to end. The spread is not too high because the Vikings defense and special teams are excellent.

Take the Cowboys – 3

Denver Broncos against the Jacksonville Jaguars (+4)

The Broncos defense will dominate and turnover prone Blake Bortles will throw two interceptions. The spread is low for a superior defense playing against a team that has lost 6 games in a row.

Take the Broncos – 4

Miami Dolphins versus the Baltimore Ravens (-3)

The Dolphins have won 6 games in a row. The Ravens are relying on their defense to carry the team and the majority of their games have been decided by less than 3. It will be a close game; therefore take the points.

Take the Dolphins + 3

Kansas City Chiefs against the Atlanta Falcons (-4)

I don’t believe in the Falcons. The Chiefs are the better team and I’m getting more than a FG. The Chiefs have the better defense, steady quarterback play and are tougher.

Take the Chiefs + 4

San Francisco 49ers versus the Chicago Bears (-1)

Colin Kaepernick will finally get a win a game this week. The 49ers have played much better over the last few weeks. The Bears Matt Barkley will not out play his opponent.

Take the 49ers + 1

Good luck this weekend!

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Seahawks should give Lynch a call

The Seattle Seahawks offensive line is average and their running game is one of the worst in the NFL. The offensive unit production has been atrocious and the Seahawks didn’t score a touchdown in three games this season. Last week a 14 – 5 lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a 6 – 6 tie with the Arizona Cardinals and lost 9 – 3 to the Los Angeles Rams. The 1- 10 San Francisco 49ers have scored 4 more points than the Seahawks going into Week 13.

The Seahawks management should swallow their pride and give Marshawn Lynch a call to see if he would be interested in finishing the season. Russell Wilson needs help for them to have a serious shot at another Super Bowl run.

The defensive unit has played extremely well without creating enough turnovers to give the offense a short filed. The Seahawks quarterback pressure was non-existent against the Bucs last week without Michael Bennett in the line-up.

The team with the best record in the Conference is the Dallas Cowboys who play the power football and read option offense that Seattle used to have with Wilson and Lynch in the backfield. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott looked like clones of the former Seahawks backfield and the Cowboys pair play behind a better offensive line.

The return of the Beast Mode could give the Seahawks the boost they need to challenge the Cowboys for the right to represent the National Conference in the Super Bowl. A playoff game with Lynch and Elliott trying to outdo each other would be a great game to watch.

Lynch is most likely enjoying the offensive struggles of Coach Pete Carroll’s team because the last play in their Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots was because the team wanted Wilson to be hero not Lynch. The decision on that day not only cost them the Super Bowl it may have led their star running back to walk away from the game.

There has been no rumours of a Lynch return this season too bad for Seattle fans. The Seahawks will be competitive in the playoff and Wilson will have to dominate the game with his running and passing abilities. It won’t be enough.

Can Seattle be a contender with a weak offense?

Have a fantastic day!

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Westbrook putting up Big O numbers

Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook is putting up Big O type numbers so far this season. He is the runaway NBA MVP Award candidate. Westbrook has separated himself from former OKC teammate James Harden and Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James.

Name G PPG Reb As
Westbrook 19 30.9 10.3 11.3
Harden 17 28.9 7.4 12.2
James 14 23.6 8.4 9.7


Westbrook is averaging a triple double after 19 games will encourage the debate can he be the second player in NBA history to do the feat in a season. Oscar Robertson is the only player to every do it in 1962 30.8, 12.5 rebounds and 11.4 assists. He had 41 triple doubles in 79 games in the same year. The Big O averaged a triple double during his first 5 seasons in the NBA.

Westbrook has a great chance to do it because he has the freedom to do whatever he wants with the ball. His teammates’ job is to give the ball to the former UCLA point guard. He has already 7 triple doubles so far this season with many more to come. The Thunders point guard will have at least over 30 triple doubles if he doesn’t get hurt, which should put him on pace for the triple double for a season. The great Wilt Chamberlain had 31 in a season, which is the second highest amount in an NBA season.

The NBA players with the most triple doubles games in a season will see Russell name show up more often in the top 10. Robertson and Chamberlain dominate the top 5. Westbrook had 18 triple doubles last season, which is ranked eighth all-time:

I just hope if Westbrook wins M.V.P. his teams should at least make the playoffs to win the award or at least his team should have an above .500. I don’t want to see what happened in MLB with Mike Trout winning the American League MVP on a team with a .457 winning percentage. It is early and many factors could affect his chances such as injuries, suspensions or the team resting him a few games.

It will be fun to see him try to keep his current pace.

Will Westbrook have a triple double average going into All-Star weekend?

Have a fantastic day!

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Subban and Webber after 20 games

The one for one trade that shocked the NHL world last summer between the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators has worked out well for the Canadiens. Montreal got what they wanted a veteran presence, great leader in the locker room and a player who will not do a show about his eventual trade.

The Montreal Canadiens got off to a great a start. Shea Webber has played like a serious Norris Trophy candidate and Alexander Radulov have been huge factors not named Carey Price in the success of the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. The Canadiens management spoke to Webber to confirm if Radulov was a good teammate and player.

The Nashville Predators started out slow and only now are gaining some momentum with a 6 – 2 – 2 in their last 10 games. P.K. Subban has scored at least a point in six of the last 10 games. The Predators are back to being Stanley Cup contenders.

The statistics comparison:

Name GP G A P +/- PPP SOG Hit Blks
Webber 20 8 9 17 16 10 52 49 45
Subban 19 5 8 13 -8 7 42 35 42

Webber has the early season lead in every statistical category after 25% of the season. Subban will more likely win the offensive categories at the end of the season. The categories where I expected Webber is better than Subban are plus/minus, hits and block shots because of his size and defensive play.

The first two years of the trade I expect both teams will benefit and then Subban’s youth will give the Predators the win. The Canadiens need to win the Stanley Cup to prove the Subban trade was the right choice. The Canadiens have regular season success with Carey Price between the pipes in the last few seasons with playoff failure.

Will Webber continue his offensive production?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL Week 12 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record is 26 – 30 after Week 11. My winning record streak has been broken with a 2 – 3 record. The Bengals A.J. Green hamstring injury early cost me my winning week. Time to make 5 new picks:

Seattle Seahawks against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers + 6

The Seahawks are on a playoff run and will destroy the Bucs. Seattle will not make the same mistake as the Kansas City Chiefs did the week before losing to the Bucs.

Take the Seahawks – 6

Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Indianapolis Colts + 9

Andrew Luck concussion and Big Ben Roethlisberger healthy. Pittsburgh will get a much needed blowout win.

Take the Steelers – 9

San Diego Chargers against the Houston Texans + 2

The Chargers are the better team and are still in the playoff hunt. The Texans QB hasn’t showed the ability to lead his team to victory. Phillip Rivers despite the pick 6 that cost his team two weeks ago against the Miami Dolphins; he is the better QB.

The Chargers defense is just as tough as the Texans.

Take the Chargers – 2

Carolina Panthers versus the Oakland Raiders – 3

The Panthers will be without Luke Kuechly and have struggled offensively.

The Raiders haven’t been good at home with a 3 – 2 record. They are facing the Panthers at the right time and should win.

Take the Raiders – 3

Arizona Cardinals against the Atlanta Falcons – 4

Carson Palmer has lost his mojo, the defensive unit is not creating turnovers and head coach spent some time in the hospital last week.

The Falcons had a bye week, playing at home and have no major injuries.

Take the Falcons – 4

Good luck this weekend!

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African-American can manage MLB teams

The Major League Baseball presently only have 2 African-American and zero Latin managers despite having a 30 team league. Both managers work in the National League now. Dave Roberts won the 2016 Manager of the Year Award in the National League.

The award was first given out in 1983 with a winner in each League (American and National). The total winners so far is 66 (33 years x 2) and an African-American or Latin manager has won the award a total of 10 times. A 15% rate despite not many non-white managers hired.

Frank Robinson was the first African-American Manager hired in 1975 season by the Cleveland Indians and was also the first to win Manager of the Year Award in 1989 managing the Baltimore Orioles in the American League.

Dusty Baker in 1989 was the first African-American manager to win the Award in the National League when he was managing the San Francisco Giants.

The only season minority managers’ sweeped the award was 2000: Dusty Baker (San Francisco Giants) National League and Jerry Manuel (Chicago White Sox) American.

MLB wants to work on their diversity program which is a major failure despite past success of visible minority managers. Ozzie Guillen is the only one to win a World Series Title. Baker lost in the World Series with the San Francisco Giants.

African-American Manager of the Year in the MLB

Year AL NL
2016   Dave Robert (L.A. Dodgers)
2005 Ozzie Guillen (Chicago White Sox)  
2003 Tony Pena (Kansas City Royals)  
2000 Jerry Manuel (Chicago White Sox) Dusty Baker (San Francisco Giants)
1997   Dusty Baker (San Francisco Giants)
1995   Don Baylor (Colorado Rockies)
1994   Felipe Alou (Montreal Expos)
1993   Dusty Baker (San Francisco Giants)
1989 Frank Robinson (Baltimore Orioles)  


The success is evident by how many have won the Managerial of the Year Award. Baker won the award three times already. He is tied with Tony La Russa and Joe Maddon for most wins.

Should there be more African-American MLB managers?


Have a fabulous weekend!

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Betts not Trout should be AL MVP

The Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout won the American League MVP despite his team only winning 74 games. The Most Valuable Player should only be given to players who compete for a playoff spot. Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox is my nice as the MVP not Trout.

The statistics are similar:

Name Batting HR RBI Runs SB OBP SLG OPS BB
Mike Trout .315 29 100 123 30 .441 .550 .991 116
Mookie Betts .318 31 113 122 26 .363 .534 .897 49


Trout and Betts are great defensive outfielders with great throwing arms.

Many will argue Trout was able to put up great numbers on a terrible team. Kole Calhoun hit .271, 18HR and 75 RBIS and Albert Pujols .268, 31 HR and 119 RBI. C.J. Cron 16HR and 69 RBI, Jefry Marte 15HR and 44 RBI and Yunel Escobar hit .304. The Angeles CF fans can’t say he didn’t has offensive help despite the many losses.

The Red Sox line-up were loaded and healthy. Their 93 wins was the third highest total in the American League. Boston scored the most runs in the American League by a wide margin and the Red Sox’s right fielder was a big part of their playoff run. Mookie should not be punished because he played on an offensive juggernaut and he had a career year. David Ortiz is a designed hitter, which prevents him from being a true MVP contender.

Jose Altuve from the Houston Astros was third in the voting. His team also didn’t make the playoffs. The Astros won 12 more game than the Angels. The same writers voted for three players in the National League that all made the playoffs.

The writes voted Trout number one 19 times, while Betts only received 9 first place votes. The Red Sox outfielder lost a chance to put the MVP on his resume and to be used for his next contract negotiations.

Trout has won his second MVP and finished second three times during his five years in the MLB. Incredible numbers for such a young player. Yes, Trout is a better player than Betts. This season Betts has put up MVP numbers that match-up with Trout and made the playoffs. The team success should weigh heavier in the voting.

Who is your MVP?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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NFL Week 11 free point spread picks

The 2016 NFL season record is 24 – 27 after Week 10. I had a fourth consecutive winning week with a 4 – 1 record. The Bengals covered the +1.5 Monday Night. I’m not a fan of picking blowout wins. Time to make 5 new picks:

Miami Dolphins against the Los Angeles Rams (+1.5)

The Jared Goff era begins behind a poor offensive line and terrible play calling by Rams offensive coordinator. They will run on first and second down then throw on third and long.

The Dolphins finally realized don’t let Ryan Tannehill throw the ball 40 times a game to win. They will play power football and blitz the Rams rookie quarterback should be the winning strategy. Miami are on a four game winning streak.

Take the Dolphins – 1.5

Buffalo Bills against the Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)

The Bills are on a three game losing streak. LeSean McCoy is the key to the offense without Sammy Watkins.

The Bengals are still in a position to challenge for the AFC North title. Everybody is waiting for Marvin Lewis coached team to get back to their winning ways. A.J. Green will have a chance to put up big numbers against the overly aggressive Bills defense.

Take Bengals -2.5

Chicago Bears versus the New York Giants (- 7.5)

The Bears lost Alshon Jeffery, guard Kyle Long is out and Jay Cutler is their starting quarterback.

The Giants have found a way to win four games in a row. They get to play Bears and Cleveland Browns back-to-back. The Giants defense should be able to create enough pressure to create turnovers. Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning and Rashad Jennings should have great fantasy weeks.

Take Giants – 7.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5)

The Bucs play one good game and follow that by one bad game. Jameis Winston is one of the most inconsistent quarterback this season.

The Chiefs are great at beating below average teams. They are on a five game winning streak and 4 – 0 at home. The Chiefs defense will dominate the Bucs offense.

Take the Chiefs – 7.5

Baltimore Ravens versus the Dallas Cowboys (-7)

The Cowboys have won eight games in a row and only lost was a one point game this season. The number reason the Cowboys have been so good is the offensive line (Tyron Smith, Ronald Leary, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin and Doug Free). Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have been excellent because of the five big men in front of them.

The Ravens defense is the reason the spread is only a TD.

Take the Cowboys – 7

Good luck this weekend!

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Jackson calls LeBron friends Posse

Phil Jackson calling LeBron James group of friends a Posse. LeBron is correct that he should be offended by Jackson using the derogatory term. Posse is a term that hints the members of James entourage are a group of punks or thugs. There was no need for Jackson to mention James and his group of friends. The Knicks President of Basketball Operations is trying to call out James for receiving preferential treatment over his teammates. Jackson is trying to say the Great Michael Jordan didn’t have a different set rules when he was the number one player in the NBA and helped head coach Jackson win six NBA rings.

The word Posse wouldn’t be used if the player Jackson was talking about was White. It is important for African-American athletes call out covert racism despite the fact social media and fans may think the offended party is being overly sensitive. Carmelo Anthony is also offended by the derogatory comment made by his President.

Mr. Jackson huge EGO has been hurt that the New York Knicks have not been relevant. He has taken over the Knicks upper management in 2014 and brought in Derek Fisher as his first head coach. Fisher has been fired after two seasons and a 49 – 115 record.

Jeff Hornacek has taken over as head coach is an upgrade at the position. Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose is a desperate attempt to make the playoffs this season. The signing of two injury prone former warriors who were star players many years ago before injuries slowed them down.

Jackson’s best decision as a Knicks employee was to draft Kristaps number four.

New York’s future doesn’t look bright as long as Carmelo Anthony is on the team. Jackson doesn’t have patient fans who will wait to build through the draft for three years. Jackson’s presence was supposed to attract high priced free agents to the Knicks so far it has not happen.

Jackson should stop talking about everybody else and should worry about the success of the Knicks.

Was the use of Posse offensive?

Have a fantastic day!

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Kaepernick not voting

The San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick who is the player who started the USA National anthem protest by first sitting and now by going to one knee. The reason for the protest has been widely criticized by players, fans, media and social media bloggers. It wasn’t only white people who criticize his stance. Kaepernick was a social activist, a role model and hero too many. His jersey was the number one selling NFL jersey despite the fact he was competing for the starting quarterback position.

Kaepernick’s view on the candidates was that both were evil, choosing the lesser of two evil was not an option because at the end he would be choosing someone evil. It is extremely disappointing that the one athlete who started a protest that lead to people of all ages, gender and race to discuss if Blacks are equals in the USA. The debate and sometimes heated didn’t resolve anything, nothing has changed yet in terms of policies, but the protest gave the opportunity to the oppressed to tell their White teammates, friend, co-workers and social media friends what it felt like being Black in the USA and if they believed it was right.

Kaepernick announcing to the world that he didn’t vote was shocking because a person can’t be a social activist then turn around and not vote. How can an African-American understand the power of voting? There was a seven percent decline in voter turnout and this has been the lowest voter numbers since 3 election ago. The last three election had a 60% or better turnout.

The Martin Luther King lead March at Selma didn’t change the constitution for African-American voter rights. Lydon B. Johnson the president then gave into the pressure to give the right to vote to African-Americans. Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision to say schools will no longer be segregated. Each time an elected official had to make changes to the constitution and have it upheld.

The reason for the protest is to see justice for African-American killed in questionable situations by police officers. Kaepernick how can you get justice if Trump choses a Supreme Court judge who will incarcerate and give higher sentences to African-Americans?

Kaepernick must encourage the African-American youth to use their right to vote despite neither candidate being fit to lead. My point is either you vote or not a new President will be elected . I better not here any complaints about the new President from the 49es quarterback because he didn’t vote. The constitution and rules are in the hands of the President, Judges and prosecutors not of the oppressed.

Social activism and voting go hand in hand for change to occur. Kaepernick I hope you will get African-Americans to use their right to vote. It is unacceptable that Mr. Kaepernick doesn’t understand what he has done. Please watch the movie Selma or meet with Ronald Martin and Van Jones to discuss why he should vote?

Should Kaepernick have voted?

Have a fantastic day!

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