LeBron needs Pippen to catch Jordan

LeBron James needs a running mate who doesn’t mind being the Robin to his Batman. Scottie Pippen played that role for 6 NBA Championships with Michael Jordan getting most of the accolades for the Chicago Bulls success. Pippen is the best Robin ever to play in the modern day NBA. Kryie Irving requesting a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers a team that was in the last three NBA Finals and won one NBA Title wasn’t enough for him to accept the Robin role.

LeBron mentored and helped Irving become a relevant player in the NBA now must feel like he was back stabbed by his running mate. Irving without LeBron’s presence is a great scorer who would have a hard time getting his team out of the lottery. The Cavs would have Irving, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Andrew Wiggins as the key players. Irving would be the undisputed leader of the team.

What is more important to Irving: be the undisputed team leader or win NBA Championships? Asking for a trade when the Cavaliers are still the by far the best team in the Eastern Conference and would likely make a fourth straight finals if the Big 3 stays together for another season.

The Cavs don’t have to trade Irving right away. He is under contract next season and has a player’s option two years from now. Head coach Tyronn Lue should work on getting LeBron and Irving in a room to discuss personal and team goals for next season. Coach Lue knows he can’t got into training camp with his two best players not playing, trusting and caring for each other and team.

Much respect to Pippen for playing his role and winning many Championships with Jordan. Magic Johnson used to take less money in order for the Los Angeles Lakers surround him with a Championship roster. Kevin Durant taking less to play with the Golden State Warriors to help his chances at winning another NBA Title.

Can the Cavs make it to the NBA Finals without Irving?

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Cowboys Elliot will miss games

The Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot will definitely miss a few games to his behavior of the field. The domestic violence and now a bar fight incident. NFL Commissioner didn’t suspend Roger Goodell didn’t Elliot last season after the domestic violence; let the Cowboys running back led his team to the playoffs and he won offensive NFL Rookie of the Year. Goodell has suspended many players for less and many New England Patriots fans are still fuming about Tom Brady’s four game suspension due to deflate gate.

The Cowboys can’t afford to lose Elliot for four games and expect a winning record because the ground game is a big part of the offense. Quarterback Dak Prescott effectiveness without his primary running back would increase the pressure for him to throw over thirty times a game.

Goodell needs to send Elliot a message that he has to make better decisions off the field. The commissioner has a brand to protect; he must prove that he won’t accept the players’ misbehaviour away from the field. The Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a lot of influence and it is the reason that Elliot wasn’t suspended last season. Jones won’t be able to prevent another suspension for his star running back.

Elliot is still a must for Fantasy NFL owners either he misses two or four games; the Cowboys running back will still be a thousand yards rusher and catch a few passes out of the backfield. Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell missed four games last year still found a way to get 1 268 yards rushing and catch 75 passes.

Can the Cowboys win without Elliot for more than two games?

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NBA Rockets Harden, Paul and sale sign

The Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander must feel it is the best time to sell the team after Chris Paul acquisition to help James Harden get closer to an NBA Championship. Why would he want to sell now instead of keeping it for his families’ inheritance?

The Rockets are worth $1.65 Billion dollars and he bought the team for $85 million dollars 24 years ago and winning two NBA Championship. Mr. Alexander doesn’t want to hang around for a third one. Mr. Alexander doesn’t want to hang around to see if this roster can win an NBA Title or will it be another bust just like when the Rockets brought in Dwight Howard.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the team will sell because a potential buyer will have access to the books to see if it is worth buying. The future owner will see despite the big player contracts of Harden, Paul and trying to get Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks. Can the owner make a worthwhile profit at the end of the day?

The Rockets owner is realizing that the Greatest Rockets player in their history in Akeem Olajuwon made $107 000 000.00 in his career and Alexander is paying James Harden more than double that for 4 years.  The out of control player contracts and possibility of a long strike during the next collective bargaining isn’t worth staying an owner.

Melo wants to play with Paul and Harden. Can the Rockets owner make a minimum $100 million dollars profit at the end of the season and still pay everybody (players, coaches, scouts, D-League players, trainers and ball boys)? As a fan I believe if the owners can pay the salaries, we have to assume they make a profit.

Do the NBA owners make more money than they pay the players?

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My pick for NBA Rookie of the Year Kings Fox

The NBA Rookie of the Year 2017 – 18 has five leading candidates who are Lonzo Ball, Ben Simmons, Dennis Smith Jr., Jayson Tatum and De’Aaron Fox. It will be difficult for the media and fans to choose from this list.

Ball receives the most publicity due to his father’s comments, cheerleading through the media and social media presence. The Big Baller Brand $495.00 shoe that he only wore once and had his worst game. He is a pass first player and need a player to finish for on the Los Angeles Lakers roster. Too many young players on the roster to help Ball handle the pressure.

Simmons apparently will be a 6’10” point guard for the Philadelphia Sixers. The team has too many young players on the roster and if Joel Embiid isn’t healthy the point guard won’t be able to get double-digit assists nights on a regular. The most difficult position to learn in the NBA is the point guard position.

Smith Jr. is the best athlete of the group with his 48 inch vertical. He start for the Dallas Mavericks  and will have the opportunity to put up great numbers because he will get the playing time, shoot attempts and veterans like Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison Barnes and J.J. Barea to help him grow as a player.

Tatum of the Boston Celtics. He is joining an excellent roster with Isiah Thomas, Gordon Hayward and Al Horford as the Big 3. Tatum will be able to use his talent without having to dominate. He will play many meaningful games in a big market.

The Sacramento Kings have surrounded their prized rookie De’Aaron Fox with veterans. Kings President Vlade Divac signed veterans George Hill, Vince Carter and Zach Randolph to help with the leadership in the locker room and on the court.

Fox is the starting shooting guard, he will have many shot attempts per game and the veterans will take the pressure of him as the leader. Buddy Hield will come off the bench as back-up shooting guard. There is no way that Hield will start over Fox.

Willie Cauley-Stein, Skai Labissiere and Kosta Koufos and Randolph are excellent defensive rebounders that will create fast break opportunities, which will help Fox score many baskets in transitions. He will make enough highlight dunks to get attention and votes.

The NBA Rookie of the Year is all about the statistics. Fox will have every opportunity if he is healthy to put up the big numbers necessary to win the award.

Who is your NBA Rookie of the Year?

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Mayweather hire Lavar Ball to battle MacGregor

The second leg tour of the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Connor McGregor has been a McGregor domination. Mayweather Jr. is ill-equipped to handle the constant one liners and bashing at the hand of McGregor. The Irishman is up 2 – 0 with 1 more promotional site remaining. McGregor has steamrolled Mayweather and he hasn’t had to adjust or be on the defensive at any point it seems.

Mayweather Jr. should consider hiring Lavar Ball. I would definitely watch Ball and McGregor trying to out duel each other with the over the top comments, bravado and yelling. Ball has the intellect to respond quickly and with wit.

It is not too late, Lavar loves attention and he can promote his BBB trademark at the same-time. Lavar is the best trash-talking personality now in the sports social media world. McGregor wouldn’t have a chance.

I’m disappointed when McGregor attacked Mayweather Jr. wasn’t wearing a suit because he couldn’t afford one. The American didn’t remind everybody that the TMT t-shirts and hat he wore represented The Money Team brand. Mayweather owes the brand and McGregor doesn’t own one. TMT also will be paid as one of the promoters of the Mayweather Jr. versus McGregor, which means an extra pay for Mayweather Jr. on fight night.

Mayweather Jr. hasn’t reminded McGregor and the audience that the undefeated boxer is the reason that the former MMA fighter will get the biggest payday of his life and receive more money than he made in his MMA career. Mayweather Jr. will do better in the ring, but the Rap Battle McGregor is too good.

Should Mayweather Jr. hire Lavar BBB?

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Rockets sign Harden hope for NBA Championship

The Houston Rockets trade for Chris Paul and now signed James Harden to a four-year extension for $118 million dollars. The Rockets ownership is going all in to win an NBA Championship within the next four years. It is great for the Houston fans to have a roster that will finish top 4 in the Western Conference and have home court advantage in the first round is a real possibility.

The Rockets are paying Harden just under $30 million dollars compare that the Kyle Lowry 3 years $100 million dollars. Rockets kept their franchise player happy for four more years. Who would you prefer? Obviously Harden.

The Rockets have the best offensive back court in the NBA with Paul and Harden. It is no longer The Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson nor Washington Wizards John Wall and Bradley Beal. I’m based this decision solely on the offensive production. Thompson won’t get enough shots with Kevin Durant and Curry on his team. Wall lack of outside shooting eliminates the Wizards tandem.

The Rockets have Harden, Paul, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza and Nene Hilario on the roster with a few months left to add a few players to strengthen the bench. Any injury could be fatal to the Rockets playoff run.

The Rockets aren’t much better than the San Antonio Spurs, the much improved Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder made a big splash trade getting Paul George. The Western Conference is very tough and finishing in the top 4 is a big deal.

Can the Rockets beat the Golden State Warriors who have re-signed all their key players? The Warriors would win a seven game series if both teams are healthy. The key is the Rockets will try to win the Western Conference.

Are the Rockets a top 4 team in the Western Conference?

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Carroll comments about Raptors ISO offense

Ex-Toronto Raptors DeMarre Carroll comments about the ISO offense isn’t surprising. There were only two teams last season that averaged less than 20 assists per game: Phoenix Suns and Raptors. The Raptors 18.5 assists per game is dead last according to the statistics when you click into the link:


The Raptors Dynamic Duo DeMar DeRozan is a high volume shooter who dribbles multiple times before shooting a mid-range jumper and Kyle Lowry is a shot first point guard. They trust each other and often will only look for each other during crucial moments of games. It works well during the regular season, but not in the playoffs.

Head Coach Dwane Casey is known as a defensive coach. He hasn’t tried to change the offensive focus to a ball and player movement offense. The Dynamic Duo can take whatever shot they want as long as they score. Casey is enjoying the Raptors have the most wins in the Eastern Conference last four years. He doesn’t want to change anything.

Raptors President Masai Ujiri traded for C.J. Miles because he is a very good three-point shooter. Guess what? Carroll was signed two years ago because he is a three-point shooter and good defender. He didn’t work out because the offense was all about the Isolation plays. Miles may have the same problems next season. He is more of an open three-point shooter than a shot creator like Lou Williams.

Carroll is correct when the Raptors struggle they will resort to the ISO ball offense that has been so successful for them in the past. Many players on the Raptors can’t create their own shot when the shot clock running down.

Will anything change with DeRozan, Lowry and Casey back next season?

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Blue Jays need to trade players…

The Toronto Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro and general manager Ross Atkins hired to help the organization transition from a two-time playoff team, an old team and a team lacking depth in the lower levels. The Blue Jays don’t want to make the playoffs to lose in the first round.

The Blue Jays have two pitchers to move: Marco Estrada and Francisco Liriano. Estrada poor pitching this season (ERA 5.17) have made it a tough sell and Liriano is a left-hander makes him easier to move. They are both in the last year of their contract and the Blue Jays must get some younger players in return.

The Blue Jays have only two position everyday players who is under 30, Devon Travis (26) and Kevin Pillar (28). The Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have multiple star players under 30 in their starting eight. The Blue Jays best prospects Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. are still three years away from being in the MLB. Dalton Pompey didn’t get the opportunity to show if he can play this season due to concussion injury.

Josh Donaldson (31) is eligible for arbitration next season and Justin Smoak (30) is still under contract for another season. Can the Jays organization depend on them to have great offensive players next season? Kendrys Morales (34) has two years remaining on his contract. Are the Blue Jays a competitive team with these players in the middle of the line-up?

Donaldson, Smoak and Morales won’t all be on the roster when Guerrero Jr. and Bichette are ready to join the Blue Jays. Donaldson may not sign long-term if he feels the roster isn’t a championship roster.

The player that are untouchable are Roberto Osuna (22) Aaron Sanchez (24) Marcus Stroman (26) and Joe Biagini (27). These four young pitchers will be the heart of the rebuild. No one in the MLB has a group of pitchers this young and talented.

Who should the Blue Jays trade?

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Ball first NBA Summer League game

The great Lonzo Ball played his first NBA Summer League game and it wasn’t what Lakers organization, Magic Johnson and his dad’s expectations. The 2 for 15 shooting performance wasn’t a surprise because many Ball doubters believe that he isn’t a good shooter and mechanics needs some work.

The fact some many people are over reacting to a single NBA Summer League game performance just goes to show that Lavar antics got them what they wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers President Magic Johnson got the player he wanted with the number two pick. He made reference that he expects Lonzo’s number 2 in the rafters of the L.A. arena.

The over the top media attention Lonzo received is much higher than a good player with major holes in his game because he will rank up assists totals and not much else. He isn’t a franchise changing player no matter what his dad or Magic say about him. Lonzo is either Ricky Rubio or Michael Carter-Williams neither player is an All-star. Rubio played in 353 games and Carter-Williams 235; they are going to play over 500 games each by the time they retire.

Lonzo is a good player not a franchise changing player. The anti-Ball people will use this first game poor performance to say Lonzo is terrible; it is purely based on their dislike of his dad’s showmanship and continually braggadocios attitude that makes so many NBA fans and players dislike his son. Lonzo will either be Loved or Hated with no middle ground when it comes to attitude towards him.

Lonzo will play better his next game.

What is your opinion on Ball?

Have a fabulous Easter weekend!

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Why Melo giving Knicks two teams he would waive no trade clause?

The New York Knicks dysfunctional situation is getting worst. Carmelo Anthony will waive his no trade clause to play for either the Houston Rockets or the Cleveland Cavaliers now that Phil Jackson is gone as team President. Why did he wait for Jackson was fired to make the announcement?

The Knicks don’t have a President; therefore, who is working on the trade details to make sure the team gets the most assets possible for the Anthony trade? There is no one in place with the season fast approaching; the Knicks will have Anthony on the roster for another full season. The Knicks organization can’t buy him out until the following season. http://www.basketball-reference.com/contracts/NYK.html

Anthony is the last man standing in his battle with ex-President Jackson. Anthony never gave Jackson a list of teams that he would agree to play for during Jackson’s tenure. It was personal not business because Jackson tried force Anthony out by verbally embarrassing him in the media instead of discussing what is best for the Knicks organization.

The two teams that Anthony wants to play for (Rockets and Cavs) don’t have enough room to bring his salary in nor have enough young assets or draft picks to make a trade possible. The chances a third team that could facilitate a trade involving the Knicks and one of the two teams mentioned is highly unlikely. The Rockets emptied their roster to acquire Chris Paul. The Cavs want to include either Kevin Love or Tristan Thompson in a trade for Anthony. The Knicks don’t want either players’ salary or limitations on their roster.

The Knicks and Anthony are stuck in their Love & Hate relationship. He will go down as of the greatest scorers in NBA history, he is now ranked 25th All-time. He will be in the top 20 half through the season next year.

Can the Knicks trade Anthony?

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