Bills bench QB Taylor not wise

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott made a major mistake by not starting Tyrod Taylor. The Bills are now in the sixth and last spot for a Wild Card spot, which means Taylor despite not being great has the team in a playoff spot. NFL Head Coaches don’t replace the starting quarterback unless he feels the back-up gives them a better chance to win.

Rookie Nathan Peterman 7 for 10 in a blowout lost shouldn’t mean he is the starter the following week. The Los Angeles Chargers defense is one of the top defenses in the NFL and will force many turnovers from the rookie. The Chargers are ninth in the NFL in the points against per game with 19.1. The Chargers defensive ends have great sack totals Joey Bosa (9.5) and Melvin Ingram (8.5). The Bills defense as a whole only has 14 total.

The Bills expect to run the ball a lot to take the pressure of Peterman, which means Chargers will have eight men in the box to stop the run. This will see the rookie QB in third and long situations. Taylor a mobile quarterback was sacked a lot and replacing him with Peterman may lead to more sacks given up by the Bills.

Taylor’s benching also take away 237 yards rushing the second best on the Bills roster. Peterman can’t run the read-option plays because he doesn’t have mobility to run the ball.

I don’t think Peterman is the answer. Taylor is a QB who can get a team to 8 – 8 or 9 – 7 type seasons. He isn’t a franchise QB, but he is still better than Peterman and that is why Coach McDermott chose number 5 to start season. Taylor is a popular player and leader on the squad. This move will undermine his leadership and may divide the team.

Coach McDermott will realize after Sunday that he should have responded to the media and social media questions about Taylor’s benching with, “He gives us the best chance to win.”

Is McDermott right to bench Taylor?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Free NFL Week 11 point spread picks 2017

I’m 28 – 21 – 1 after Week 10 and a seventh consecutive winning weeks with a 4 – 1 record. Let’s keep the steak going. Thanksgivings week in the United States of America in two weeks. The end of the Bye weeks. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

New England Patriots versus the Oakland Raiders + 7

The Patriots have started their Super Bowl push with a five game winning streak that will move to six. The Raiders defense can’t stop anybody, while the Patriots defense will keep the Carr lead offense to under 21 points. Giving up 7 on the road is a lot, but Tom Brady and Patriots can caver.

Take Patriots – 7

Philadelphia Eagles against the Dallas Cowboys – 5

The Cowboys second week without Ezekiel Elliott and defensive leader Sean Lee is out due to injury. OT Tyson Smith is questionable may also miss game. The Eagles are rolling in every department. Expect them to continue the longest winning streak this season and make it eight.

Take Eagles – 5

Los Angeles Rams versus the Minnesota Vikings – 2.5

This game is between two 7 – 2 teams and long winning streaks (Viking five and Rams four). The Rams are 4 – 0 on the road; this will come to an end this weekend. The winner will put themselves in great place to earn the second seed in the NFC. The Vikings defense is better and Casey Keenum is playing really well now.

Take Vikings – 2.5

Cincinnati Bengals against Denver Broncos – 2.5

The main reason I will take the Bengals is Brock Oweiler is starting for the Broncos. Andy Dalton is the better QB and the Broncos defense isn’t as dominate. The score will low scoring.

Take the Bengals + 2.5

Jacksonville Jaguars versus the Cleveland Browns + 8

I’m being stubborn with the Browns pick. They didn’t cover last week. This time they are at home, Corey Coleman is back and hopefully the weather is a cause for a low scoring game. The Browns will most likely win a game this season.

Take the Browns + 8

Good luck this weekend!

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Free NFL Week 10 point spread picks 2017

I’m 24 – 20 – 1 after Week 9 and above .500 for a sixth consecutive weeks with a 3 – 1 -1 record. Let’s keep the steak going. There are a few weak teams that are expected to cover big spreads. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Cleveland Browns versus the Detroit Lions – 11

The Browns defense is better than people think. I’m hoping Josh Gordon can score a TD first game back and coming off bye week Coach Hue Jackson’s team will keep this one close.

Take the Browns + 11

Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears – 6

The Bears six point favourite against a division opponent. Coach McCarthy better hope Brett Hundley finally shows he is an effective NFL quarterback. The Bears largest point differential win was a 17 – 3 victory over the Carolina Panthers and their rookie quarter only threw seven passes. The Packers will take some chances and keep it close.

Take the Packers + 6

Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots – 7.5

The Broncos offense has disappeared and the defense can’t make up for it. The Patriots are peaking defensively and the Brady led offense got some help with the signing of TE Bennett. The Patriots have given up fewer points than the Broncos 179 to 198.

Take the Patriots – 7.5

Minnesota Vikings against the Washington Football club + 2.5

The Vikings defense is top 5 and the offense does just enough to win. The Redskins beat the Seahawks in Seattle because their opponent missed three field goals. I don’t believe Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback. I will take a chance on road favourite who has won four in a row.

Take the Vikings – 2.5

Cincinnati Bengals versus the Tennessee Titans – 5

This one is a hunch. The Bengals have a solid defense. It is the offense that hasn’t lived up to their past success. The Titans are 3 – 1 at home and won three in a row. They aren’t more than a field goal better than the Bengals.

Take the Bengals + 5

Good luck this weekend!

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Are the Boston Celtics for real?

The Boston Celtics have done a great job at beating inferior teams. At this point in the season only The Philadelphia Sixers, Orlando Magic and San Antonio Spurs are the teams that the Celtics beat who are above .500. The Celtics lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics did beat the Bucks in their second meeting.

The Toronto Raptors versus the Celtics is a statement game even though there are 70 games left in the season. The Raptors are 2.5 games behind the Eastern Conference leading Celtics. The Cavs struggles is giving an opportunity to a new team to take charge and replace them. The Celtics great start despite Gordon Hayward injury has surprised many. A victory over the Raptors would send an important message.

The Celtics Brad Stevens has proven that he can run a ball movement offense and balance scoring. Kyrie Irving is the only player who scores more than 20 points a game, Celtics have four players who score between 13 and 14.8 points a game and two player who score slightly above 9 points a game. It is impressive that the Celtics have 7 players who score over 9 points a game; that is something many NBA teams don’t have those type of numbers.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have 5 players who score more than 10 and 1 player slightly above 9. They are the closest to the Celtics balance scoring. The health of Irving is the key for the continued success and balance scoring for the Celtics. It is the same formula they used last year with Isiah Thomas.

The Celtics have taken advantage of a soft schedule to accumulate many wins early. A 50 win season will guarantee home court in the first round of the playoffs. Coach Stevens’ team hasn’t had a West Coast trip against some of the toughest opponents on the road will confirm what they are?

Will the Celtics remain the top team in the Eastern Conference?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL teams rather throw season away than sign Kaepernick

The NFL owners, who own teams that have injured starting quarterbacks rather throw away a season than sign the original protester Colin Kaepernick. The Green Bay Packers (Brett Hundley) and Houston Texans (Tom Savage and T.J. Yates) and Arizona Cardinals (Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert). The season ticket holders, die-hard fans and players for each organization is furious with their team’s stubbornness.

Hundley is a 24 years old third year professional who head Coach Mike McCarthy believes in now and the Packers Coach wants nothing to do with Kaepernick. Hundley is 0 – 3 as a starter and the Packers weren’t competitive in any of the games. Aaron Rodgers was 4 – 1 as a starter. The 4 – 4 Packers are two losses from being eliminated from the playoffs.

The Texans lost Deshaun Watson to a devastating knee injury in practice. The Texans have Tom Savage the quarterback head coach Bill O’Brien wanted to play this season, while the rookie Watson learned. Savage got his job back; he is 0 – 2 as a starter this season and 1 – 3 in his career. T.J. Yates is 4 – 3 in his seven career starts is the back-up. The Texans are two games behind division leaders with 3 – 5 record.

The Cardinals lost Carson Palmer for the season and Stanton is the starter. The new Cardinals starting quarterback has a 9 – 5 career record.  The back-up Gabbert is 9 – 31 career and 1 – 4 last season as a starter for the San Francisco 49ers. He beat out Kaepernick for the starting quarterback. The Cardinals are 4 – 4 with Bruce Arians will play half the season without Palmer.

All three of the teams mentioned have made it easy for Kaepernick’s lawyer to have the required information to sue the NFL for collusion. The three teams new starters are 1 – 6 as starters this season with the only win coming against the Indianapolis Colts with Andrew Luck.  None of the quarterbacks mentioned will finish the season with a winning record and all three teams will likely miss the playoffs this season.

Will Kaepernick will his lawsuit?

Have a fantastic day!

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Free NFL Week 9 point spread picks 2017

I’m 21 – 19 after Week 7 and above .500 for a fifth consecutive weeks with a 3 – 2 record. The Chargers lost by 8 and Saints won by 8 fell short for me last week. The pressure to keep the winning total more than the losing column is on. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Baltimore Ravens versus the Tennessee Titans – 4.5

The Ravens defense and Joe Flacco playing will keep the game close. The Ravens don’t have to win just cover. Are the Titans that better than the Ravens to beat them by almost a TD?

Take the Ravens + 4.5

Los Angeles Rams against the New York Giants + 3.5

The Rams are 3 – 0 on the road, have won two in a row and have the better defense. Gurley is the best offensive player in the game. The Giants team chemistry isn’t good and head coach Bob McAdoo lose his job at the end of the season.

Take the Rams – 3.5

Atlanta Falcons versus the Carolina Panthers – 2

The inter-division battle are tough to choose. The Falcons are 3 – 1 on the road and Panthers 1 – 2 at home. I believe the trading of Kelvin Benjamin will help the Panthers offense by incorporating more speed at WR. The Panthers defense is better. Cam Newton wants to show that he is better than Matt Ryan.

Take the Panthers – 2

Washington Football Club against the Seattle Seahawks – 7.5

I dislike taking a team to cover more than a TD because I usually lose ie Saints last week won by 8 spread was 9.5. The Seahawks defense at home and offense line is getting better with LT Duane Brown. Seahawks 3 – 0 at home, won four in a row and have the better defense.

Take Seahawks – 7.5

Oakland Raiders versus the Miami Dolphins + 3

My favourite games to bet: two average teams, home team is plus a field goal and home team has better defense. Take the points. The Dolphins defense will keep this close and the Raiders aren’t the same team as last year.

Take the Dolphins + 3

Good luck this weekend!

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Only Blue Jays Cito Gaston…

An African-American have managed in six World Series Championship series. Dusty Baker San Francisco Giants (2002), Cito Gaston Toronto Blue Jays (1992 – 93) and Dave Roberts Los Angeles Dodgers (2017), Ron Washington Texas Rangers 2011 and 2012 . African-American lead their teams to the World Series 5 times since 2002 despite being only a few managers.

The only African-American Major League Baseball Manager to win a World Series Title? It is Toronto Blue Jays Cito Gaston and he was able to carry out the feat in back-to-back seasons 1992 and 1993. African-American managers Roberts, Baker and Washington lost.

Gaston deserves more credit for his back-to-back World Series Championships. Only 7 teams have won back-to-back (Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees (6 times), Oakland Athletics (3 times), San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays. The majority of the back-to-back World Series Titles were won before MLB integration.

Next season MLB will only have three minority mangers: Los Angeles Dodgers Dave Roberts (African-American and Japanese-American decent), Dave Martinez (Washington Nationals) and Joey Cora (Boston Red Sox) are Puerto Rican decent. All three are managers have excellent teams who may take part in the World Series next season.

The New York Yankees job is still available.

The MLB have 30 managerial positions available and only three minority managers. It is progress since the past two seasons only Baker and Roberts were the only minorities. Roberts and Baker led their teams to the playoffs two years in a row. Only Roberts left to try to make it three in a row.

Baker lost his job despite winning 95 and 97 his last two seasons with the Washington Nationals. Baker last two seasons with the Cincinnati Reds his team won 97 and 90 games. Baker’s last four seasons as a manager he won 90 or more games an incredible statistic. His playoff coaching was his downfall.

The fact minority managers taking over talented teams is major upgrade. The MLB owners are slow to realize minority managers can lead successful franchises that can make the playoffs. Martinez and Cora hopefully can continue tradition of successful minority hires. A World Series Title by another minority manger could help change increase the amount of minority managers.

Is Cito Gaston a Hall of Fame manager?

Have a fantastic day!

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NFL biggest trade impact 2017 Dareus to Jags

The NFL trade deadline saw many good deals for multiple teams who are playoff contenders who need immediate help. Many in the NFL media believe Miami Dolphins trading Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles is best the best deal of the day. I believe Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is the best move at the trade deadline.

Ajayi gives the Eagles a talented running back who do more than run between the tackles. The football fans who loves fantasy football love the move because it is about improving offensive numbers. LaGarrette Blount and Ajayi gives the Eagles two powerful backs who will gain yards in bad weather and the playoffs. The Eagles 7 – 1 record and Carson Wentz play makes this an excellent move.

Kelvin Benjamin is now a Buffalo Bills. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s team is 5 – 2 with an excellent chance to make the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. Benjamin is a big target who has very good speed. He is a talented WR, but I don’t believe he is elite. He will make some big plays, drop easy catches and many times not physical enough to fight for the ball. Bills improved their WR unit since Benjamin personal statistics are better than the Bills WR group.

Jimmy Garoppollo to the San Francisco 49ers will give Head Coach Kyle Shanahan seven weeks to test if Garoppollo is a leader in the huddle, understand the offense and make the throws. Personally I think the New England Patriots won the trade with a possible 33rd or 34th pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense is one of the best and now they add a Pro Bowl type interior player Dareus to the mix. The Jags defensive line have Calais Campbell with 10, Yannick Ngakoue 6.5 and Dante Fowler Jr. 5.5 sacks in seven games. They also have interior lineman Malik Jackson former Super Bowl Champion with 3 sacks. The team have two excellent man-to-man cover defensive backs. Move pressure on the opposing quarterback means more sacks and interceptions for the Jaguars defense. The Jags great defensive season just got better.

Which player will make the biggest impact this season?

Have a fantastic day!

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Free NFL Week 8 point spread picks 2017

I’m 18 – 17 after Week 7 and above .500 for a fourth consecutive weeks with a 4 – 1 record. The pressure to stay keep the winning total more than the losing column. Another tough series of games to pick from this weekend.

Carolina Panthers versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1.5

Both teams are in the middle of losing streaks. Who would you pick at QB Cam Newton or Jamies Winston? The Panthers are the better team and I’m getting points.

Take the Panthers + 1.5

Los Angeles Chargers against the New England Patriots – 7.5

The Patriots lost their best defender in Don’t’a Hightower, which makes an average defense worst. The Chargers are the masters of close games because of their defense. Philip Rivers always plays well when facing a top QB and this week it is Tom Brady.

Take the Chargers + 7.5

Dallas Cowboys versus the Washington Football club + 3

The Cowboys are the better team and must win key division game before Ezekiel Elliot is suspended. I should if he will every serve the suspension.

Take the Cowboys – 3

Oakland Raiders against the Buffalo Bills – 3

The Raiders defense is average and offense will struggle if the weather is bad without Marshawn Lynch. The Bills defense is improved and offense does just enough to win.

Take the Bills -3

Chicago Bears versus the New Orleans Saints – 9.5

The Bears won a football game with their starting quarterback throwing only 7 passes and completed four passes. They win because of the defense and turnovers. The Saints Drew Brees will score against any defense and their defense is playing excellent.

Take Saints – 9.5

Good luck this weekend!

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Texans Owner McNair comment unacceptable

The Houston Texans owners Bob McNair comment, “we can’t have inmates running the prison” during last week’s owners meeting. McNair can apologize, but he can’t take those comments back. Only 10 players had the courage to walk out and the players who did work were convinced by the coaching staff to practice.

The African-American players need to make a stand. The problem with football there are too many players on a roster. The solidarity is not strong enough. Every player should boycott one practice to send a clear message it was unacceptable. The Trump atmosphere of division and hatred towards another race is spreading.

McNair will not have to sell him team like former NBA owner Donald Sterling did over the comments he made during a secretly recorded conversation. The Texans owner is a powerful one and as long as the player show up for their paycheques he has nothing to worry about. The whole team won’t boycott a game. DeAndre Hopkins can boycott and affect the outcome by not being there to catch ten passes a game. Will this affect the Texans ability to sign prominent free agents?

There are a few owners who do believe the comments are right because they view their players as property that they are bought, traded or cut. The player’s contracts aren’t guaranteed and risk career ending injuries every time they step on the field. The NFL players aren’t allowed to be one and done NCAA players. Many play two years in College turn professional with no degree as safety net.

The African-American players who don’t tell their owner how they feel about the comments that makes many wonder how many owners think this way about their employees? The African-American player must convince their White colleagues that they stand with them against the 1%?

The quote that is usually used is, “the inmates running the asylum not prison’.Colin Kaepernick original protest was due to the fact African-Americans were dying at the hands of Police officers despite being unarmed.

Will McNair apology be enough to keep his lead?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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